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Decentralise in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-10-18Updated:2017-10-18
Similar words: decentraliseddecentralizedecentralizedcentralisecentraliseddecentralizationcentralistcentralizeMeaning: v. make less central. random good picture
1. They have decentralised the company and made it less bureaucratic.
2. We decentralised our operations last year and opened several regional offices.
3. To decentralise and geographically disperse political and economic power.
4. Outdated voting mechanisms, a decentralised, idiosyncratic procedure, and the archaic electoral college have received comment.
5. A decentralised business will usually consist of independent profit centres or divisions.
6. In large de-centralised organizations, the marketing function may be split between sub-divisions and corporate headquarters. 14.
7. In contrast, decentralised bargaining systems have a restricting influence upon the degree of union membership attained.
8. Ironically, the advent of de-centralised processing has made the work of the corporate data processing department harder.
9. Some medium-sized firms will be decentralised and structured by divisions.
10. Fernandez was hired to end 20 years of chaos caused by decentralising New York's huge school system.
11. We will decentralise budgetary control to police subdivisions.
12. This in turn underpins the move to decentralised care and the stripping away of much that is done in acute hospitals today.
13. We could decentralise the building industries as well, and all small-sized industrial enterprises.
14. It is also launching a pilot plan to decentralise the education system, giving control to local government.
15. China has announced plans to decentralise its scientific powerhouse — the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) — in a bid to boost regional economies.
16. Some believe it will decentralise the business completely,(Sentence dictionary) reversing the urbanisation that accompanies industrialisation.
17. There is little evidence to support the claim that federal states are decentralised.
18. They are wrong for this country's future and contrary to this party's belief in decentralised wage bargaining.
19. Well ... the thing to cling to is that everything like this is still decentralised.
20. In a world instantly connected by a finger on a facsimile machine, it might seem unnecessary to decentralise research.
21. Moreover, such educational concepts are integrally related to political commitments to a radical and decentralised democratic social and political structure.
22. The Government must establish the constitutional framework for stable and decentralised government.
23. The government needs advice on constructing a tax system for a decentralised economy.
24. What I want to say to David Cameron is that if you decentralise power you risk getting rid of a basic level of fairness and equality.
25. Each of the five countries, to varying degrees, has taken steps to decentralise the determination of pay levels and adjustments to individual departments and agencies.
26. His declared agenda is to raise standards in schools, fortify parent power and decentralise control.
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