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Decentralisation in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-01-01Updated:2018-01-01
Similar words: decentralizationdecentralisedecentralisedneutralisationdecentralizedecentralizedcentralizationnaturalisationMeaning: n. the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments. random good picture
1. Public institutions need to be democratised and decentralisation is necessary in the public domain in order to achieve active citizenship.
2. These will be grouped under four heads decentralisation, consumerism and participation, self help and joint action.
3. Home rule and decentralisation will ensure that economic power and prosperity is spread throughout Britain.
4. Decentralisation Finally we need to spend some time considering the role of decentralised administration in the public sector.
5. This may reduce the flexibility which decentralisation aims to promote.
6. At face value, decentralisation of services into communities seems eminently sensible, and reference centres have been effective in some countries.
7. The theme of decentralisation is one that is pursued further in the Next Steps Initiative.
8. I emphasise the development of entrepreneurial skills and decentralisation, the importance of business and pragmatic approaches.
9. So there were great virtues in decentralisation and democratic accountability at all levels in any society.
10. Decentralisation and participatory budgeting challenge neoliberalism.
11. There was hesitation, too,[] in providing for decentralisation within the counties.
12. Greater autonomy through decentralisation will enable schools to be more flexible.
13. Control of rent - seeking requires decentralisation of economic power.
14. We believe in autonomy and decentralisation, but centralise a few core values.
15. While the objectives and the key principles of decentralisation such as subsidiarity are well known, attempts to implement them have not always been successful.
16. Internally, decentralisation has made progress but more needs to be done.
17. The transfer of certain functions of administrative control from central departments of government to the county councils - decentralisation; 6.
18. Discusses feasibility in economic, technical and political terms, discussing urban decentralisation and the re-development of brownfield sites.
19. Its main municipal objectives were efficient and accountable administration based on political and administrative decentralisation.
20. The research brings together academics from the countries included in the study to provide descriptive material on decentralisation for an edited publication.
21. This would involve freedom of information and relocation of civil services to regions along with widespread decentralisation.
22. Another argument in favour of the provinces is that the steady decentralisation of justice from London naturally increases the importance of the provincial Bar.
23. Some other local housing authorities such as Islington or Walsall are pursuing schemes of widespread decentralisation of housing management.
24. In office this vague idea has formalised into radical decentralisation: handing power to parents to run schools, to general practitioners to run the NHS, to local voters to pick police commissioners.
25. The Maoists are partly to blame for this, having ostensibly fought for a vaguely defined decentralisation of power.
26. A key influence on militants around the Islamic world, he theorised the decentralisation of militant campaigns, hoping to spark a 'global intifada'.
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