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Totalizing in a sentence

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Sentence count:12Posted:2018-10-04Updated:2018-10-04
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1. An indicator of the growing importance of this totalizing view of education was contained in the 1841 rescript from Rome.
2. It had warped me into a suffocating, totalizing essence, pinned me with the girders of weakness, monstrosity, and leprosy that supported their dichotomous construction of Homosexual.
3. Firstly, the functions, including flow totalizing, flow display, record, report and networking, of the VX3000 flow totalizing recorder which is designed on above basis are presented emphatically.
4. By replacing the analog flow measurement and totalizing instrument with LJ21E programmable flow calculator, the system accuracy will be better than 0. 8% .
5. The doctor described himself as a Christian who understood his commitments to be comprehensive and "totalizing."
5. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
6. It is oriented to denying the totalizing homogenous foundational power, and to pursuing heterogenic conception of power, hereby to result in actively advocating micro-politics.
7. But in class terms it marked a split within the ruling bloc, not the totalizing rupture from without that repealers claimed.
8. The problems come when empirical evidence is turned into totalizing theory, tendential strategy into achieved fact.
9. Wu Chengdian's photography cleverly deconstructs these symbolic structures by refusing to grant them a totalizing presence that transcends discrete perspective.
10. Large (. 25" high), easy to read 6-digit non-resettable totalizing counter. Provides precise indication of current consumed. Ideal for metal thickness control monitoring."
11. The Model 22 Pneumatic Computing Relay is a highly versatile control valve designed to perform a number of specialized functions, including averaging, differential, inverting, and totalizing.
12. An extension of the spindle shaft drives a counter for totalizing discharge.
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