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Normalizing in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2018-06-02Updated:2018-06-02
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1 They claim that the new drug normalizes blood pressure.
2 Journalists are reporting that the situation has now normalized.
3 Meditation tends to lower or normalize blood pressure.
4 The editors have normalized the author's rather unusual spelling.
5 Research psychologists normalize the results of their studies by comparing their subjects' behaviour with that of the general public.
6 Relations between the countries were formally normalized in 1997.
7 It took time until the political situation had normalized.
8 The two countries agreed to normalize relations .
9 Relations between our two countries have normalized.
10 The two governments were close to normalizing relations.
11 There may be some deep-seated emotional reason which has to be dealt with before your eating habits normalize.
12 Relations between the two countries are gradually normalizing.
13 That cooperation was crucial for the Clinton administration to win congressional support to lift a wartime trade embargo and normalize diplomatic relations.
14 Eisenhower was prepared to make concessions in order to normalize the situation.
15 It also helped her to learn about, give a name to, and normalize this postpartum condition.
16 The way the Steputis family coped by normalizing their life surely went a long way toward helping Hank maintain his personal integrity.
17 All age determinations have been normalized to -25 in accordance with international convention.
18 Our relationship has been normalized.
19 Fitness differences are best understood as reproductive expectancy differences analogous to normalized life expectancy differences.
20 The flame normalizing treatments were put forward on steel rail with flash welding,( gas pressure welding and aluminium heat welding.
21 The Fed has "already announced they're going to halt the purchases of Treasuries," Boockvar said. "The real exit strategy is (normalizing) the Fed funds rate, and they are not close to doing that."
22 A digit, usually zero, produced during the normalizing of a floating-point number, and inserted during a left shift operation into the fixed point part.
23 In rolling the thick plate, normalizing should be processed to meet the performance requirement.
24 The purpose of normalizing is usually to define grain structures that have been coarsened in forging.
25 Conclusions: Mind easing & menstruation normalizing acupuncture therapy excelled routine acupuncture therapy in treating delayed menstrual cycle.
26 A new forge residual heat isothermal normalizing technique for alloy carburizing steel is put forward.
27 The United States says they are not prepared to join in normalizing ties with their former enemy.
28 The most commonly used heat treatments on metals are softening annealing, quenching, normalizing, surface hardening treatment, precipitation hardening.
29 Japan says it will hold talks with North Korea next week on normalizing relations.
30 The results show that the causes of the fracture are the abnormal graphite nodulizing, and shrinkage, slag inclusion and normalizing cracks.
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