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Socializing in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-09-08Updated:2017-09-08
Similar words: specializingsocializesocializedsocializationsocialisingrealizingsocialismsocialistMeaning: ['səʊʃəlaɪz] n. the act of meeting for social purposes. random good picture
1. I enjoy socializing with the other students.
2. We're usually too tired to do much socializing during the week.
3. I like the socializing but I can't be bothered with the dressing up and all that malarkey.
4. Not socializing with them, just in the same bar with them.
5. The trade-off was the socializing and support received from the other patients and families.
6. It's normal among teenagers for socializing to take priority over schoolwork.
7. When socializing with his co-workers he would assume a hearty, over-bearing manner.
8. Groups of women working or socializing together are not automatically separatist.
9. However, the socializing aspect would be unlikely to feature in the exam.
10. You're all dreaming. Quit the socializing.
11. The old hostel culture of camaraderie and socializing among students is gone.
12. However, too abundance socializing have lead to work piling up.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. He is not good at socializing.
14. That's enough socializing; let's get the show on the road. Or else, we'll be here all night.
15. When socializing after work hours, do not bring up the subject of work.
16. Life was hard and socializing often centered around work.
17. Socializing culture and building socialist spiritual civilization is a dynamic process with intersects in their development.
18. The contrast is stark in terms of socializing.
19. I hope Adrian's actually doing some work at college - he seems to spend all his time socializing!
20. When it matures, we will find that most of the human use is for socializing.
21. On weekends the Hub buzzes with fellow mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts resting and socializing.
22. It may be that a relaxed and cheerful attitude to socializing is the real protective against heart disease.
23. But people aren't mentally they are when they're , say , exercising or socializing.
24. Tickling is therefore the first place a physical and often intimate form of socializing.
25. Objective Economic simultaneous equations of military hospital logistics were set up to get the measures of enhancing the socializing quality.
26. Alice is a little standoffish when it comes to socializing.
27. In such a short and simple statement, Hobbes turns my former priority list – socializing with family and friends, work, exercise, household chores, then rest – completely on its head.
28. He was an Ohio newspaper publisher who eventually rose to U.S. Senator, where he preferred poker, socializing and, it was said, womanizing to working.
29. Now that ranked games have become available, we want to re-emphasize that Normal Games are meant to be played for practice, for socializing, and, above all, for fun.
30. I am a humoristic , experienced, generous intelligent and kind hearted man who enjoy travelling and socializing with people.
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