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Centralized in a sentence

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Similar words: decentralizecentralizationneutralizednaturalizeddemoralizedneutralizecentralconventionalizedMeaning: ['sentrəlaɪz] adj. 1. drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority 2. concentrated on or clustered around a central point or purpose. 
(1) France is the archetype of the centralized nation-state.
(2) The administration of city schools was centralized last year.
(3) Centralized government, so the argument goes, is too far removed from the problems of ordinary citizens.
(4) In old days wealth and power centralized in the hands of a few noble families.
(5) Industry showed a tendency towards increasingly centralized administration.
(6) "Strong, centralized government" is a term that can cover a multitude of sins.
(7) That was largely due to the centralized organization mandated for all Air Force wings-and its damaging results.
(8) Operations should be run by a highly centralized unitary body which would provide services on the trunk routes of the world.
(9) No centralized institutions or government decrees would interfere with the western artist's supremacy.
(10) The more centralized, urbanized and mechanized a society becomes, the less control we have and the more violence is bred.
(11) Is government becoming too centralized?
(12) However, both sides developed a centralized party organization, with politicians following the party line.
(13) Moreover, in the old centralized system, both the new and old generation fighters had the same abysmally low rates.
(14) Also, everyone in a centralized organization gets conditioned to standing around and waiting for orders to come from on high.
(15) Cypherpunks intend to level the playing field against centralized computer resources with the Fax Effect.
(16) Yet a centralized command blueprint has been the main approach to making robots, artificial creatures, and artificial intelligences.
(17) Centralized and simplified network services management.
(18) There is ample evidence that the centralized way of organizing and managing frustrates the elementary quest for freedom Tolstoy describes so eloquently.
(19) When centralized planning is used as the normal mode of economic control, a number of deficiencies loom into view: 1.
(20) Lenin's heavy emphasis on discipline and centralized control within the Party was particularly unattractive to activists drawn from the minority nationalities.
(21) The economy of the times made it difficult to support centralized rule.
(22) On the contrary, far-flung, geographically dispersed organizations may remain centralized for some important business functions.
(23) But in terms of actual control, we have forsworn many other areas where hitherto we sought to control by centralized edict.
(24) The failure of 1874 helped to overcome radical reluctance to form centralized organizations.
(25) The adaptive technologies that cOmputers bring us started Out as huge, conspicuous, and centralized.
(26) Cooperative acquisition may be taken a stage further if a system of centralized acquisition is introduced.
(27) Second, public bureaus come to be organized in a monopolistic and centralized fashion to match the organization of monopoly capital.
(28) Consequently, the arguments presented in this section should not be used to dismiss centralized corporate planning.
(29) Economic and political organization in the late twentieth century is more centralized than that.
(30) More importantly, it helped lots of managers to recognize, and to question, the centralized management style.
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