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Decentralization in a sentence

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Sentence count:103Posted:2017-10-09Updated:2017-10-17
Antonym: centralizationSimilar words: centralizationdecentralizedecentralizedneutralizationtrade liberalizationdecentralisedgeneralizationnaturalizationMeaning: [diː‚sentrəlaɪ'zeɪʃn] n. 1. the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts 2. the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments. random good picture
1. Decentralization and experimentation must be encouraged.
2. The argument over decentralization will probably continue for ever.
3. A third was that decentralization requires a firm commitment from the top.
4. The provider can expect increased decentralization of all functions and increased symbiotic relationships with customers.
5. Decentralization, empowerment, and ownership created great improvement in our control of events, products, and outcomes.
6. And most examples of successful decentralization unearthed by researchers involve manufacturing firms.
7. The decentralization imperative implicit in factoring problems runs into the co-ordination imperative felt keenly by the executive political and administrative elite.
8. They are wrong about equating decentralization with loss of control.
9. However, tension arose between the need for decentralization in order to ensure more technical efficiency and political fears of too much independence.
10. What is clear, however, is that decentralization ushered in a new form of uneven development.
11. Decentralization into autonomous units will surely be even more critical than it is now.
12. However, decentralization raises an important theme for the empirical processes to be outlined in the next three chapters.
13. Localized wage bargaining was symbolic of the decentralization of decision-making in general, a process involving a profound change in managerial culture.
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14. This chapter explains how that broader application facilitates decentralization and greater employee interest in improving quality and productivity.
15. The decentralized authority A strategy of decentralization would appear to answer the critics of monolithic bureaux and self-serving power and resources maximizers.
16. Most households left the cities through unplanned decentralization, but some were moved as a result of specific planning policies.
17. Because of this decentralization of services and businesses, few convenient residential areas exist for those who lack transportation.
18. The centralization from above, and decentralization to markets and consumers below, has weakened local government.
19. Prescriptions have included decentralization, electoral reform and more radical economic policies.
20. Most believe decentralization means loss of control.
21. The plan gave priority to environmental issues, but also provided for land reform, improved education and administrative and financial decentralization.
22. A distinction can be made between planned and unplanned decentralization.
23. To mobilize that support, he carried out a massive decentralization of the Motorola organization, providing new empowerment and ownership throughout.
24. Worse yet[], they provide lots of ambiguity and material for debate on the relative merits of centralization and decentralization.
25. One response to this decline in the dynamism of Fordism was the geographical decentralization of production in search of cheaper labour.
26. Throughout 1971-74 the Nixon administration, as could be expected, strongly supported decentralization.
27. He argued that agglomeration diseconomies were the prime explanation for the decentralization.
28. Quite as many examples could be cited in which cutting-off and the decentralization of composition was avoided.
29. Considering the views of those proven achievers helps drive an even greater wedge between centralization and decentralization as a guiding organizational principle.
30. Hence, the Reagan urban policy celebrates the themes of deregulation, decentralization and privatization.
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