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Prefix in a sentence

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Sentence count:148+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Antonym: suffixSimilar words: refillrefinedfirefighterpreferpreferredpreferablepreferencepreferentialMeaning: [‚prɪ'fɪks] n. an affix that is added in front of the word. v. attach a prefix to. 
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1. Car insurance policies have the prefix MC .
2. To telephone from the US use the prefix 011 33 before the numbers given here.
3. Following pruning, the prefix with the consequent highest likelihood is expanded, producing a new prefix.
4. The various lines of dancers took the prefix of the cinema building they were appearing in.
5. The prefix mono is often dropped.
6. Prefix changes Telephone customers with these prefixes have been switched to the new 760 area code.
7. Answer: a. Why: Use hyphens with a prefix and a proper noun.
8. These include code reduction functions, prefix and suffix operations,[] scatter operations and data sorting.
9. Un- is a productive prefix.
10. The combined length of message plus prefix can be at most 254 characters. The prefix must not contain a tab character.
11. The ANCC shall encode the company prefix in accordance with relevant state standard.
12. An abbreviation for the prefix kilo , that is, 1000 in decimal notation.
13. Fill in each blank with a proper negative prefix.
14. The prefix must not contain a tab character.
15. Constant scoring range and prefix queries - no idf, coord, or lengthNorm factors, and no restriction on the number of terms the query matches.
16. The compiler automatically adds the lib prefix and a suffix.
17. You use the optional prefix attribute to specify a default prefix for the key values of any nested actions.
18. It is important to prefix the name of the data element with a provided prefix value.
19. In the word " unimportant " , " un - " is a prefix.
20. Confusion is avoided by using the term luminescence, and specifying the activating energy as a descriptive prefix.
21. He will be astounded by the place names beginning with the three letters of each prefix.
22. So long as the correct conditions are satisfied any currency can be used with the prefix Euro.
23. This paper proposes a fast algorithm DMFP and an updating algorithm IUMFP, which are based on Prefix Tree for mining maximum frequent patterns.
24. Method getNamespaceURI(String) returns the namespace bound to a specific prefix in the current context.
25. Enter the table name as the name of the check table with a recognizable prefix (for example, JLT_T077D.
26. It is very difficult for autonomous system (AS) operators to detect prefix hijacks in time.
27. First briefly introducing the basic theory of OFDM system, then the frequency offset correction arithmetic using the cyclic prefix, and the simulation result were given.
28. In addition, we add a bit string to each node in the tree to store the prefix of the items. By using the structure we can avoid repeatedly traversing the sub-tree while expanding the patterns.
29. CC is already defined as a client connection name prefix and $SYNCQ as a sync queue name prefix.
30. Cumulative replace function, can replace the replacement string for prefix and suffix to achieve cumulative.
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