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Tribesman in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: spokesmantribebribescribeas manyascribebriberysubscribeMeaning: ['traɪbzmən]  n. someone who lives in a tribe. 
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1 A Yakut tribesman was out of place in Irkutsk.
2 A tribesman, wearing only a codpiece and feathers in his hair, stamps his spear and utters a deep moan.
3 Above: Richly robed, the Samburu tribesman who acted as guide to the party.
4 When one tribesman had problems, it was the duty of another to help.
5 Like some poor Arab tribesman and his tent.
6 "Ah, " replies the tribesman, "Well look on the bright side. Soon you will be editor-in-chief!"
7 When facing foes more threatening than a typical tribesman, a rejkar commands any minions it has under its sway to attack, inflaming their battle lust with magic.
8 A Moken tribesman in Myanmar's Andaman Islands displays two large cowrie shells.
9 Moken tribesman in Myanmar's Andaman Islands displays two large cowrie shells.
10 He was a Luo tribesman who grew up in Kenya and studied at Harvard.
11 These are the same Pashtun tribesman whose descendants are today's Taliban.
12 I once used chopsticks like Papua New Guinea tribesman spear fish.
13 The Armour Maker's Tipi houses the tribesman most skilled in making the wooden armour common throughout the tribe.
14 Was there some kindred spirit that linked this Samburu tribesman with a group of walkers from Sheffield?
15 Scouting for fossils under the gaze of an Afar tribesman, an international team scours sediments near the Awash River, beyond the trees on the horizon.
16 Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago used a low angle and the body of the Maasai tribesman to add drama to this photograph.
17 Working with the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in southern Kenya, the researchers presented the animals with clean clothing and material worn by either a Masai or Kamba tribesman.
18 My definition of luxury will most probably differ completely from that of say an Inuit Tribesman living above the arctic circle.
19 They swayed as they sang, carrying swords and rifles and performing a traditional dance of tribesman going off to war or returning home.
20 September 15, 2009—Up on the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya, a Masai tribesman must have nine cattle before he can get married.
21 Able to track game for days across the red Kalahari dunes, the San tribesman plans to resume a traditional way of life.
22 This week 100 Taliban marched from Swat into neighbouring Buner and killed a tribesman.
23 One report said at least five people in a local tribesman 's house were among those killed.
24 Asked if he was disappointed at the tardiness of the polls, one Dinka tribesman in Juba sagely replied that he was confident they would open eventually,( on "African time".
25 Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s.
26 Shaking hands with a local Chinese villager in his own home or tasting the cooking of a friendly tribesman along the Amazon River simply cannot be done without traveling.
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