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Tilting in a sentence

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Sentence count:103Posted:2017-06-12Updated:2017-06-12
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1. The newspapers are continually tilting at the government.
2. He was tilting at the top prize.
3. The boat was tilting on the waves.
4. The man was tilting his chair back.
5. Interlink hands and stretch up, tilting the pelvis.
6. Her world was tilting beyond my comprehension.
7. He took her chin between thumb and forefinger, tilting her mutinous face up for his cool inspection.
8. They would replace X2000 tilting trains which are not regarded as ideal for outer suburban services with several intermediate stops.
9. Tilting the head back, aiming accurately and pulling down the lower lid were other areas of difficulty.
10. Try to keep your body upright, but slightly tilting forward so you do not arch your back.
11. Becky pushed her chair back from the table, tilting it to get away from Nadine's furious face.
12. No one runs; they walk tilting into the wind at comical angles, like a bunch of Charlie Chaplins.
13. By tilting bargaining power towards labour, it encouraged big pay claims.
14. Without speaking a word, the collective keeps tilting the plane.
15. The tilting of the layers tells us of a period of gentle deformation that followed burial of the sediments.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. Gentle agitation of the acid, and slight tilting of the face prevents the formation of bubble trains which trench the surface.
17. For some reason he thinks everyone is out to get him, but he's really just tilting at windmills.
18. The hand in her hair was caressing her gently, and imperceptibly tilting her face towards his.
19. I felt that just by being there I was tilting at windmills.
20. If a full-length mirror rests on the floor with the top tilting away from you it can make you look taller.
21. For the past 12 years the Government have behaved like latter day Don Quixotes tilting at windmills and all the other renewables.
22. Those photographs: a silk thread held either side of her nose, just tilting it up slightly ....
23. She made a little moan, her head refusing to obey her and tilting back in pleasure at the touch of his hands.
24. He may practise selective pelvic movements, in which he isolates the actions of tilting the pelvis backwards, towards and sideways.
25. Then it began climbing again to give wonderful views over the tilting layers of rock and lush green land behind us.
26. He sat for hours staring into a hand mirror, tilting it this way and that and bending his head.
27. This city could reconfigure parts of itself, great vitrodur panels sliding smoothly, tilting, canting.
28. The sink was squared-off and old fashioned, with a white splashback and a tilting mirror.
29. She immediately came closer and wound her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him, her pelvis tilting towards his.
30. While the Hague event may seem to be an exercise in tilting at windmills, the opposite may also be true.
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