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Exalting in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-05-10Updated:2017-05-10
Similar words: exaltexaltedexaltationsaltinessexactingliltingmoltingwiltingMeaning: [ɪg'zɔːlt] adj. tending to exalt. 
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1. The manager exalted many of his friends.
2. She was exalted to the position of president.
3. He was exalted to the postion of a general manager of the company.
4. She thanked the President to exalt her.
5. She found him an exalted sinecure as a Fellow of the Library of Congress.
6. His work exalts all those virtues that we, as Americans, are taught to hold dear.
7. The victorious students ran through the street in an exalted state of excitement.
8. The lyrics of Shakespeare exalted the audience.
9. I felt shy in such exalted company.
10. He was exalted as a pillar of the community.
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. His son was exalted to a high position in the government through family connections.
12. She was the only woman to rise to such an exalted position.
13. He is not the first politician to kick down the ladder by which he has risen to exalted heights.
14. You're moving in very exalted circles!
15. I felt exalted and newly alive.
16. You must decide how to make the best use of your exalted position.
17. Exalted girls hung out at back stages and at hotels, trying to make the acquaintance of new born stars.
18. Station-masters and conductors were also anxious to emphasize their exalted positions.
19. Complementary colours exalt each other.
20. Exalt ye the Lord.
21. Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body(, will and mind.
22. With that concluding word, the whole assembly, exalting their pilgrim's staves, rushed round me in a body.
23. In the history of mankind, how many exalting thoughts still have come into being?
24. These can be inspired by an exalting piece of music, by the serene happiness we sometimes feel in nature, or by the most ordinary everyday situation.
25. The year was 1716 when Venetian coffee shop merchants began distributing leaflets exalting their new product: coffee. This may be the first example of advertising for coffee shops.
26. This island is constituted of stones, accumulate heat during the day to return it back slowly during the night, exalting the fresh and carious fragrances of the wines.
27. It bases on the principle of self-respect, 'self-cherish and freedom, such principle comes out through the aspiration for the official career as well as exalting individual life style.
28. Men were departing from the word of God, and exalting theories of their own invention.
29. Approving on socialistic core value system is the most firm foundation of social harmony, and is the crux of exalting the state's soft strength.
30. No, I mean you know, cabernets can be powerful and exalting too, but they seem prosaic to me, by comparison.
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