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Wilting in a sentence

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Similar words: liltingtiltingbuilt-injoltingmeltingmoltingpeltinghaltingMeaning: [wɪlt]  n. causing to become limp or drooping. 
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1. The flowers are wilting for lack of water.
2. The plants are wilting because they haven't been watered for days.
3. He was wilting under the pressure of work.
4. We were wilting under the burning sun.
5. The petunias were already wilting in the hot sun.
6. The spectators were wilting visibly in the hot sun.
7. By half-time, the team was wilting under the pressure.
8. The passengers were visibly wilting with the heat and movement of the bus.
9. I'm wilting in this heat.
10. The child wasn't wilting in an alien environment.
11. Replace wilting or mostly-eaten leaves with fresh leaves of the same kind.
12. The leaves on my vine of squash were wilting, and by noon they were dark, limp, and quite dead.
13. Spoiled gardens, dusty flowers, small animals cowering under wilting leaves.
14. Order books are wilting, despite the low value of the euro.
15. The plant in the corner was wilting, its brilliant yellow petals scattered on the floor.
16. On a shelf stood wilting plants and very small stuffed animals, squirrels and starlings which had fallen victim to the chase.
17. Pale wilting roses drooped from a blue vase.
18. I'm always wilting to stand by anything rye said.
19. Navigating the toy aisle has been a wilting affair.
20. They made hamburger out of the wilting opposition.
21. My opponent was wilting.
22. Vibrant colors last year around without wilting , watering, or outgrowing their pots early , quantities are limited.
23. Absorbed in his vision , Toffler ignores his wilting salad.
24. The effects of wilting point, field capacity and initial amount of available soil moisture in root zone on soil moisture were positive.
25. Unlike its plainer cousin, it will not bring shame to the wearer by wilting or drooping on the crucial day.
26. The biological activity assay of the crude toxin showed that it could induce the characteristic symptom of rice sheath blight and inhibit the growth of rice radicle and make the seedling wilting.
27. Avoid high temperature, in 27 degrees when, although plant has grown, leafiness , but flower is little, petaline easy wilting.
28. Countries as diverse as Canada, China, France and Indonesia have vowed to cultivate greenery in an effort to fertilise their wilting economies.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. When a plant loses water to the extent that its cells become flaccid, wilting occurs. See plasmolysis.
30. Poet Vachel Lindsay memorialized Sullivan's most impressive victory, in an 1889 marathon battle with Jake Kilrain—the last bare-knuckle championship, waged in wilting heat and lasting over two hours.
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