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Tilt in a sentence

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Synonym: inclineleanlistslantslopetipSimilar words: liltquiltbuiltfilterguiltyfail tobuilt upfilteringMeaning: [tɪlt]  n. 1. a combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances 2. a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement 3. a slight but noticeable partiality 4. the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical 5. pitching dangerously to one side. v. 1. to incline or bend from a vertical position 2. heel over 3. move sideways or in an unsteady way 4. charge with a tilt. 
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1. I positioned the photo at a slight tilt.
2. This table tends to tilt .
3. He charged full tilt down the slope.
4. The 3-metre-square slabs are on a tilt.
5. The front seats of the car tilt.
6. She wore her hat at a tilt.
7. The table is at a slight tilt.
8. Don't tilt your chair or you'll fall over!
9. Tilt the mirror away from you.
10. He answered with a tilt of his head.
11. He drove full tilt intothe lamppost.
12. We drove down the road at full tilt.
13. Tilt the barrel forward to empty it.
14. She ran full tilt into his arms.
15. She aims to have a tilt at the world championship next year.
16. The paper has done much to tilt American public opinion in favour of intervention.
17. Crisis situations tend to tilt the balance of power in favour of the president.
18. As the ship began to tilt, we clung on for dear life.
19. As John approached at full tilt he saw a queue of traffic blocking the road.
20. This latest election promise might just tilt the balance in the government's favour.
21. She wore her hat at a tilt over her left eye.
22. The hot conditions may tilt the balance in favour of the Kenyan runners.
23. Officials tend to tilt toward secrecy from a parochial view of their responsibilities.
24. The chairman also criticised the plan for its tilt towards higher taxes rather than lower spending.
25. He continued to urge the Conservative Party to tilt rightwards.
26. The team is preparing for another tilt at the European Cup.
27. His first tilt at Parliament came in the same year but he failed to win the seat.
28. It has been predicted that the Earth will tilt on its axis [], causing catastrophic famine and disease.
29. The tails should tilt slightly upwards.
30. He opened the rear door for me with an apologetic tilt of his head.
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