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Temper in a sentence

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Synonym: characterconditionconstitutiondispositionmoodnaturetendencyAntonym: intensifySimilar words: temperatempesttemperatureintemperatetempestuoustemperamentaltempttempleMeaning: ['tempə(r)]  n. 1. a sudden outburst of anger 2. a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling 3. a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger 4. the elasticity and hardness of a metal object; its ability to absorb considerable energy before cracking. v. 1. toughen (steel or glass) by a process of gradually heating and cooling 2. harden by reheating and cooling in oil 3. adjust the pitch (of pianos) 4. make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate 5. restrain or temper. 
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1. You must learn to control your temper.
2. He couldn't govern his temper.
3. He has a bad temper.
4. She has a real temper.
5. She broke the plates in a fit of temper.
6. You should govern your temper.
7. He's got a helluva temper.
8. He loses his temper very easily.
9. He has a short temper.
10. His bad temper was aggravated by his headache.
11. She's a real lady never loses her temper.
12. He's in a temper today.
13. He loses his temper quickly.
14. He had a temper and could be nasty.
15. He must learn to control his temper.
16. He was a man of the most equable temper.
17. I got quite frightened when he lost his
18. I was in a raging temper.
19. She has a naturally sweet temper.
20. He has a quick temper.
21. He dashed a cup down in a temper.
22. He tried in vain to bring his temper under control.
23. The child remained under the table in a temper until his father came home.
24. She loses her temper at / on the slightest provocation.
25. I'm having extreme difficulty in not losing my temper with her.
26. Father is in a bad temper(, but let him sleep it off.
27. His boozing, arrogance, and hair-trigger temper have often led him into ugly nightclub brawls.
28. Try to avoid losing your temper if at all possible .
29. be given to sth / to doing sth to do sth often or regularly: She's much given to outbursts of temper.
30. He's been sent on an anger management course to help him control his temper.
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