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Plait in a sentence

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Synonym: braidlacepleattresstwistSimilar words: plainexplaincomplaincomplaintplaintiffcomplain aboutaitwaitMeaning: [pleɪt /plæt]  n. 1. a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair 2. any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and then pressing or stitching into shape. v. 1. make by braiding or interlacing 2. weave into plaits. 
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1. Her plait has been clipped last week.
2. Her long hair was coiled up in a plait at the top of her head.
3. Joanna parted her hair, and then began to plait it into two thick braids.
4. She usually wears her hair in a plait/in two plaits.
5. Perhaps I would like them to plait my hair?
6. She has tied her hair in one drooping plait.
7. I told you yesterday, one plait and at the back, and tight. Stand still, girl!
8. You will need to plait your horse's mane and pull or plait his tail.
9. Her thick honey-blonde hair, freed now of its plait, brushed against her neck in silky waves.
10. She chewed at the spiky end of a plait and kicked at a kitchen chair-leg.
11. The rope of her orange-grey plait tumbled on to her shoulder.
12. A woman with a blond plait was seen getting out of a car with a man near the canal upstream of Sharpness.
13. Lift the plait on to a greased baking sheet with a fish slice.
14. Alison had seized hold of Franca's long plait of dark hair and drawn it out from behind the chair.
15. Her mother helped her to plait her hair.
16. The goatee plait of chin a plait.
17. The elderly woman comb a plait, Indian meal lights a cigarette, quiet and tastefully laid out with absolute certainty to kill time.
18. This is the most basic plait address method, passing the homologous standard in 1981.
19. Also can keep the progress circumstance a plait of the view write more.
20. Her hair was tied back in a long thick plait.
21. A skinny, cross face with freckles and a thin, sandy plait.
22. Lynn had a round face with freckles and brown eyes and she wore her fair hair in a thick plait.
23. Her long flaxen hair was coiled up in a thick plait at the top of her head.
24. Detective Constable Julie Bignall was reported for allowing a prisoner to plait her
25. She looked very small and slight standing there with her skinny plait and her pale, freckled face.
26. Generations of skill flow through nimble fingers as Chipaya women plait another's hair.
27. If the written invitation bears the initials RSVP ( Repondez s'il vous plait ), it must be answered.
28. Montrez - moi cette paire de souliers , s'il vous plait?
29. This article focuses on the working principle of inkle loom mechanism and takes certain kind of shoestring as an example to explain the logon chart and the way to plait the dobby chain.
30. Looking back and paying attention to the 20th art history of China, we can find that long plait has been replaced by pilgarlic .
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