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Splatter in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2017-03-07
Synonym: spattersplashsprinkleSimilar words: platterlatterflatterflatteryflatteringclatteringpitter-pattersplutterMeaning: ['splætə(r)]  n. 1. the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively 2. a small quantity of something moist or liquid. v. 1. cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container 2. dash a liquid upon or against. 
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1. Don't splatter, dear. Think hard before you speak, OK?
2. The cause is not signal splatter; the noise which annoys the deaf is at a much lower frequency.
3. The execution chair was designed with splatter guards to capture spilled blood.
4. As we left the farm we tried to splatter some mud on the Hall Brothers' new fence.
5. He daubed more polish on to a dark splatter on the toe.
6. But I really dig splatter humor.
7. Compare spray, shower, spatter, splatter, splash and slosh.
7. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
8. Be careful not to splatter yourself.
9. When platters shatter, scatter. They splatter matter.
10. The telltale splatter pattern of ejecta rays -- bedrock scattered around the impact zone -- suggested an 8, 000 mph collision with a 4.3-foot iron space pebble.
11. To add depth to the splatter, first place one normal splatter on one layer.
12. Based on the research of reason of splatter generating in the process of short-circuiting transfer, it tries to control the splatter of CO2 welding by longitudinal magnetic field.
13. There was also enough space for tissue to splatter nearby employees.
14. I spun around and saw a splatter of blood on the floor.
15. Use space when splatter is inevitable, as when irrigating large wounds or using power equipment.
16. Blood Splatter:(40pts) Increase the damage caused by your Garrote and Rupture abilities by 10/20%.
17. A multi-colored splatter pattern covers every square inch of a pair of iconic Levi's denim.
18. The utility model provides an intelligent splatter ion pump power supply controller on the base of a power supply switch mode.
19. And we're not just talking killed ; we' re talking splatter - movie killed.
20. When be destroyed, fragment still conglutinate is on sub, avoided a fragment to splatter the harm to human body.
21. Pencil sketches, handwritten notes, card stocks, watercolor effects, collage art, script fonts, grungy and splatter ink backgrounds (glossy gradients are not "in" this year).
22. And the red ones are tranquilizer and blood - splatter darts.
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