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Patter in a sentence

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Sentence count:52+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: babblebeatblabchatchatterdrumjabberpoundprattlethrobSimilar words: pitter-patterpatternhattermatterlattershatterflatterscatterMeaning: ['pætə(r)]  n. 1. plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson) 2. a quick succession of light rapid sounds. v. 1. rain gently 2. make light, rapid and repeated sounds. 
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(1) You have to learn to resist the sales patter.
(2) I heard the rain patter against/on the window.
(3) She can't wait for the patter of tiny feet.
(4) We can't wait to hear the patter of tiny feet.
(5) Are we going to hear the patter of tiny feet?
(6) I find the patter of rain on the roof soothing.
(7) Fran began her automatic patter about how Jon had been unavoidably detained.
(8) A few raindrops patter on the roof.
(9) The tour guide begins his patter on Forty-sixth.
(10) Not just resistant to the pitter patter of bored kiddie feet but immune to assaults from the outside as well.
(11) He heard the patter of feet behind him and turned(, his captive slid from his hands like an eel.
(12) Her heartbeats were like a constant patter now, and she felt pains inside her chest and head.
(13) As I hurried I heard the scrabbling patter of the wolves closing in.
(14) The three-year-old had picked up the patter from watching his dad Keith on the airwaves.
(15) Shares, goes the patter, are products like any other and so deserve the same marketing effort.
(16) Mostly I hear only the patter of my footsteps and the synchronized swishes of wind over my ears.
(17) The patter suggested a warm-up for a cruise ship entertainment.
(18) Parties of knot patter Ed on the icy mud flats. Ringed plovers scurried in their busy way.
(19) He should succeed - he dresses well and his sales patter is slick and convincing.
(20) It's difficult to look at the cars without getting the sales patter .
(21) Are you telling me we're going to be hearing the patter of tiny feet?
(22) She's not particularly interested in having children(, but her husband longs for the patter of tiny feet.
(23) While you are doing this trick it's a good idea to invent a little patter.
(24) The pounding rain continues for about four hours, then subsides to a patter.
(25) We were woken at the crack of dawn by the pitter patter of seagulls as they pecked for their breakfast.
(26) He is a bald bloke with a lively line in jackets and patter.
(27) Paula Curry was good at hiding discomfort behind easy patter, but the strain was starting to tell.
(28) Whitehead appears as a smarmy stand-up comic without the charisma or patter to carry off his narrative duties.
(29) My thoughts wandered as the tour guide began his patter.
(30) It was drizzling very lightly, and I could hear the tiny patter of small raindrops.
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