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Sooner or later in a sentence

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Sentence count:150+6Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: eventuallyin timeone of these daysyetSimilar words: laterfor lack ofsoonand so onas soon asas soon as possibleterrorgenerousMeaning: adv. within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time. 
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31. He will have to reckon for his bad behaviour sooner or later.
32. If you drive like that, sooner or later you'll have an accident.
33. You should tell her, because she'll find out sooner or later.
34. She'll have to get a job and learn to stand on her own two feet sooner or later.
35. Sooner or later you will have to make a decision.
36. The teacher will catch up with Tom sooner or later.
37. If you go on working like this you're bound to crack up sooner or later.
38. Sooner or later,( I'm going to have to face the music.
39. He was implicated in a murder,and sooner or later they would pick him up.
40. Sooner or later she would be caught by the police.
41. The integrated country will rend into several independent regions sooner or later.
42. Keep applying and by the law of averages you'll get a job sooner or later.
43. I imagine they'll be tearing the building down sooner or later.
44. I believe that sooner or later good must triumph over evil.
45. Sooner or later most writers end up making books about the torments of being a writer.
46. Common sense should tell you that people will find out sooner or later.
47. You may as well tell us now - we'll find out sooner or later.
48. All relationships turned to ashes sooner or later.
49. If fecundity continued to evade her, the question of responsibility was bound to come up sooner or later.
50. Only a classic endures, and sooner or later the fashion comes full circle.
51. Gusev knew from experience that sooner or later something would emerge and give the vital clue.
52. They're household names in the States where they've sold well over a million copies of their album Sooner Or Later.
53. But he had an immense capacity for rows, and fell out with everybody sooner or later.
54. If last night hadn't happened, would she still have flown off the handle, sooner or later ...?
55. There was no point in kid gloves; she had to know sooner or later.
56. Morenz would be caught by the police sooner or later, the lab technicians would be subpoenaed-it would make the scandal worse.
57. Sooner or later I'm going to die, but I'm not going to retire. Margaret Mead 
58. He'd have to face Helen sooner or later, so better sooner.
59. Sooner or later the woman will give in, because the squalor is not held against the menfolk but against her.
60. Sooner or later most workers will be wired, and another moderator of inflation will then have been exhausted also.
More similar words: laterfor lack ofsoonand so onas soon asas soon as possibleterrorgenerousterroristterrorisma matter oflateplategeneratecholesterollatterlatelyrelateviolaterelatedisolateisolatedregulatepercolateas a matter of facttranslatechocolatespeculateinsulatedcalculate
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