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Phoneme in a sentence

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Similar words: phonephonynemesislinemenatonementtenementphonetictelephoneMeaning: ['fəʊnɪːm]  n. (linguistics) one of a small set of speech sounds that are distinguished by the speakers of a particular language. 
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1. A new phoneme, the velar nasal, was born.
2. For example, at the lowest level a phoneme lattice was produced for processing by the lexical access component.
3. E.g.: A specific phoneme may have several different variants depending on the phonetic environment in which it occurs.
4. The particular phoneme used generally depends on the surrounding sounds or the position of the sound in a word.
5. Some long utterances may contain phoneme sequences which only match the intended words.
6. Allophone is a phonetic variant of a phoneme.
7. What are the differences among phone, phoneme and allophone?
8. Allophone: The different phones which can represent a phoneme in different phonetic environments are called the allophones of that phoneme.
9. The rest of this section describes creating phoneme shapes for use with the Voice device.
10. Will discuss concepts such as phoneme, morpheme, affix, rules and constraints.
11. In this paper, phoneme duration information is added to the conventional model to improve the recognition rate.
12. In actual speech, a phoneme is realized phonetically as a certain phone.
13. But it is an abstract unit. A phoneme is not sound, it distinctive phonetic features.
14. Phoneme : the smallest unit of sound in a language which can distinguish two words.
15. Is the in the input embedded in would you or is it the first phoneme of judge?
16. In particular you need to practise new sounds, new contrasts, and the phoneme variants.
17. The restrictions embodied in the lexical graph will eliminate some of the paths through the phoneme graph.
18. It should be noted, however, that the problems discussed above with reference to phoneme recognition apply to other units such as syllables as well.
19. Input to the process is a graph of inactive edges marked with phoneme labels and possibly other information such as acoustic probability score.
20. Accent assignment of out - of - vocabulary is a very component besides letter - to - phoneme Conversion in English Text - To - Speech ( TTS ).
21. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the factors affecting Chinese speech tone recognition and analyze the Mandarin monosyllabic word phoneme from time and frequency domains.
22. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Envelope curve and sound length as well as frequency domain of each monosyllabic word phoneme.
23. Distinctive features: a term of phonology, i . e . a property which distinguishes one phoneme from another.
24. The system makes use of the phonetic data base made up of a wave form file layout of PCM and converts the text flow to phoneme flow through symphony of the time domain wave form.
25. Objechive To explore the causes and therapeutic strategies articulation disorder of lingua - palatal phoneme with hearing impairment.
26. The loss of sound: refer to the disappearance of the very sound as a phoneme in the phonological system.
27. To read words that are new to us, we have to learn to associate a visual stimulus (a letter, or grapheme) with its corresponding auditory stimulus (the sound, or phoneme).
28. This paper gaves a moted of Chinese Wordinput with words phoneme - type.
29. The tone value is not only weakened, but also the phoneme of syllables is c hanged.
30. Allophone: any of the different forms of a same phoneme.
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