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Reincarnate in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: renewtransmigrateSimilar words: reincarnationincarnateincarnationcarnalcarnagereinstateincarcerateornateMeaning: ['rɪːɪ'kɑrnət /-kɑːn-]  v. 1. be born anew in another body after death 2. cause to appear in a new form. adj. having a new body. 
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(1) He believed he might be reincarnated as a woman.
(2) Some people believe they may reincarnate in the form of an animal.
(3) Some people believe they may be reincarnated in the form of an animal.
(4) Compared to the old model, the reincarnated Mini Cooper has a more powerful engine and looks more streamlined.
(5) Was Gary really telling me that he is reincarnated?
(6) The soul would be reincarnated to continue its unhappy fate.
(7) Before he was reincarnated as Mr Virtue, Bennett commanded the drug war in the Bush administration.
(8) It would reincarnate itself endlessly and it laughed at all the creatures on its surface who could not do the same.
(9) And the punishment was to be reincarnated as a market woman in Warsaw.
(10) Now is not the time to be reincarnated as an audiovideo receiver.
(11) We reincarnate into successive lives.
(12) But can the stars reincarnate?
(13) Then, we will act as of a justice reincarnate.
(14) Issey Miyake's conception is to reincarnate the space as "PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE / AOYAMA" by conserving the existing space with recycled aluminum in order to have it transcend the time.
(15) After butterfly died, he would possibly reincarnate to be mankind or other species.
(16) This causes them to reincarnate as males, females, hermaphrodites, birds, animals, etc.
(17) I have cats that KNOW they reincarnate and I have one now who remembers ME from long ago in a previous life of hers.
(18) John expresses, oneself fictitious and reincarnate communicate around through frequency earphone with other tourist guide.
(19) Yang Caini is reincarnate " nocturnal goddess " , take the swing arsis that is being hanged in half sky to photograph photo, dimly discernible romance is full of mysterious breath.
(20) It did not have to die itself and trust that it would be reincarnated in its descendants.
(21) Men with feminine propensities might turn to women, and the soul of a blood-thirsty Hindu could be reincarnated in an animal.
(22) Carlos Castro, head of Pisco's main hospital, said pregnant women fear the vampire will reincarnate in their babies.
(23) Gilgul: The rite of destroying an Avatar as well as a mage's ability to do magic or to reincarnate.
(24) "World of Warcraft" is now welcoming his fifth birthday, while it was only a game in which enables the players reincarnate themselves into warlock, warrior, orcish and numen any longer.
(25) Now some of those that get to stay with the planet are elderly and their bodies can't be prepared and they should reincarnate anyway, and these ones will, either here or on the new planet.
(26) If all happened for highest good, you would not reincarnate.
(27) Trapped without recourse to any escape, these spirits began to reincarnate in human bodies, inhabiting the forms of children who should have died stillborn and soulless.
(28) And although Earth's own future isn't too bright, it looks like our planet could possibly reincarnate as a new world.
(29) People said that people who died of eating this grass would become ghosts. They could reincarnate only by finding a person who had also died by eating the poisonous grass.
(30) I am fine-looking pay equal attention to with wisdom, hero and chivalrous reincarnate Tang Baihu!
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