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Carnivorous in a sentence

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Sentence count:73Posted:2016-11-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: humoroustimorousmalodoroussurvivorwarningearningsearly warningboroughMeaning: [-rəs]  adj. 1. relating to or characteristic of carnivores 2. (used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals. 
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1. Among the carnivorous animals are the leopard, lion, and tiger.
2. A great diversification of herbivorous and carnivorous forms developed from the insectivores.
3. In addition, each Sunday the Carnivorous Plant Society will hold a workshop on growing them.
4. The carnivorous digestive system would be useless without the means of catching prey.
5. Carnivorous plants apparently hold a macabre fascination for gardeners and they're becoming increasingly popular.
6. The catfish that is sometimes suggested is carnivorous and pugnacious and generally creates havoc.
7. Especially large, sharp canine characterizes the carnivorous animals.
8. Dogs are domesticated animal and are carnivorous.
9. Most wild carnivorous mammals are monestrous.
10. Bears are large carnivorous mammals.
11. The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant.
12. The carnivorous calamari, which can grow up to 100 pounds, came up from the depths last week and swarms of them roughed up unsuspecting divers.
13. What do a carnivorous sponge, a lobular yam and a flat-faced psychedelic frogfish all have in common?
14. The first hard part about caring for a carnivorous plant is actually acquiring one.
15. The glue is completely different from carnivorous plants like Drosera, Byblis or Drosophyllum and much more efficient.
16. The giant snakehead is a carnivorous fish that feasts on pretty much anything in its path, and has caused all manner of destruction in places where it has been introduced.
17. A carnivorous North American mammal ( Procyon motor ) having grayish - brown fur, black masklike facial aringed bushy tail.
18. Open a small carnivorous plant should pass the department agree?
19. Civet:any of various carnivorous catlike mammals of the family Viverridae of africa and asia, having anal scent glands that secrete a fluid with a musky odor.
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20. She never think that she is wolf, a carnivorous wolf child, she left home.
21. Any of various carnivorous catlike mammals of the family Viverridae of Africa and Asia, having anal scent glands that secrete a fluid with a musky odor.
22. A carnivorous mammal(Mellivora capensis) of Africa and Asia, having short legs and a thick coat that is dark below and whitish above.
23. The fish, originated in Indonesia, is carnivorous and classified as the older species in the fish.
24. Your garden is probably an unsuitable place for carnivorous plants, just as it is probably unsuitable for cacti, bristlecone pine trees, or mangroves.
25. The prime result is to make possible a greater increase in population than would be possible on any carnivorous diet.
26. Despite their dainty appearance, most of the beetles are carnivorous.
27. The basic food of herbivores is plants, so even the largest carnivorous animals are indirectly dependent on plants.
28. Aside from the iconic Venus flytrap, many other kinds of carnivorous plants exist.
29. Not only does the Venus flytrap anemone (Actinoscyphia saginata) resemble the well-known carnivorous plant, but it also emulates the plant's behavior.
30. Aquatic, meat-eating bladderworts are among the world's best suckers and they have just been named the fastest trapping carnivorous plants, according to a Proceedings of the Royal Society B study.
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