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Susceptible in a sentence

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Synonym: impressionableopenpliablepliantsuggestibleyieldingAntonym: immuneSimilar words: inceptionreceptionexceptiondeceptiveperceptionconceptionapperceptionacceptableMeaning: [sə'septəbl]  adj. 1. (often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of 2. easily impressed emotionally. 
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1. The operation had left her susceptible to infection.
2. Older people are more susceptible to infections.
3. Young people are the most susceptible to advertisements.
4. Children are more susceptible than adults.
5. There are few known diseases which are not susceptible to medical treatment.
6. She isn't very susceptible to flattery.
7. He's so susceptible that she easily gained his affection.
8. Some of these plants are more susceptible to frost damage than others.
9. A signed agreement is not susceptible of change.
10. Shakespeare's plays are susceptible to various interpretations.
11. Working conditions are susceptible of improvement by legislation.
12. They persuade susceptible teenagers to part with their money.
13. Synthetic fabrics are less susceptible to shrinkage than natural ones.
13. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
14. Is this situation not susceptible of improvement by legislation?
15. The facts are susceptible of various interpretations.
16. She was very susceptible to flattery.
17. James was extremely susceptible to flattery.
18. His statement is susceptible of another interpretation.
19. The thicker the material, the less susceptible the garment will be to wet conditions.
20. We are all susceptible to advertising.
21. Some dogs are thought to be genetically susceptible to the disease.
22. These plants are particularly susceptible to frost.
23. Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to injury.
24. Soil on the mountain slopes is very susceptible to erosion.
25. In his weakened condition, he is very susceptible to cold.
26. Children are just as susceptible to psychosomatic conditions as adults.
27. He is ambitious and susceptible to flattery.
28. Among particularly susceptible children, the disease can develop very fast.
29. Salt intake may lead to raised blood pressure in susceptible adults.
30. From this graph, it can be seen that some people are more susceptible to the disease.
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