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Reforestation in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: deforestationprotestant reformationgestationprestidigitationreformationstationstationerystationaryMeaning: ['rɪfɔrɪ'steɪʃn ,-fɑ-]  n. the restoration (replanting) of a forest that had been reduced by fire or cutting. 
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1. Government reforestation targets are not being supported by adequate funding and can not be realised, the report claims.
2. Apart from the effects of afforestation and reforestation on flora and fauna, there are other environmental implications.
3. He is chair of the village reforestation committee and has been determined to set everyone else an example.
4. The reforestation programme, targeting to plant 7.5 million trees over a seven year period,[sentence dictionary] is on its way.
5. At the same time a reforestation telethon will be broadcast live via satellite and by radio around the world.
6. More recently, reforestation has occurred naturally on abandoned farm terraces where grazing pressures have been low.
7. Nearly two decades of aggressive reforestation and street sweeping has done away with much of the dust.
8. Hesingle forestation singles out aggressive reforestation efforts in China and Vietnam asexamplies examples for other countries.
9. By supporting reforestation projects, we are supporting the re-creation of habitat for threatened species and ensuring their continued survival.
10. The government has tightened logging restrictions and increased reforestation efforts, including aerial seeding of remote areas.
11. A reasonable use of forests and reforestation are the best choices in the long run.
12. A reforestation project is being explored, asas an effort to equip houses with solar ovens.
13. Reforestation will improve China's climate and soil, and will increase her wood supply.
14. He singles over agressive out reforestation efforts in China and Vietnam as examples for other countries.
15. Calophyllum polyanthum is a reforestation species of Yunnan province with the quality of straight stem and good wood quality.
16. Both papaya can only be used for reforestation closing, the results dried for medicinal.
17. AES AgriVerde concentrates on agriculture, biomass, reforestation landfill and coal mine methane emission reduction.
18. Tree cutting organizations or private individuals shall, in accordance with the area, number of trees, tree species and period of time specified in the cutting license, finish the reforestation task; the area and number of trees in the reforestation shall not be smaller than those cut.
19. Water yield as well as water quality is affected by afforestation and reforestation.
20. Alp Action is to launch a number of conservation projects, including reforestation, together with a public education programme.
21. The fire's worst scars were effaceable by a comprehensive program of reforestation.
22. Availability of land and low land prices stimulated most of the reforestation projects at that time.
23. Actinorhizal Plants are a kind of important natural nitrogen-fixing resources, and they have high value in reforestation as pioneer and accompanying species.
24. This province started to enclose the hills in a national park to allow natural reforestation.
25. Silvicultural characteristics and excellent wood quality of Japanese black pine make it a favoured reforestation species in Japan, but it is susceptible to Pine wood nematode.
26. China fir from mainland China are used here in reforestation work.
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