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Beneficiary in a sentence

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Synonym: benefactive roledoneeSimilar words: beneficialbenefitbenefit frombenefactiondeficitinefficiencyofficialofficiallyMeaning: [‚benɪfɪʃərɪ]  n. 1. the recipient of funds or other benefits 2. the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause. adj. having or arising from a benefice. 
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1, He was the chief beneficiary of his father's will.
2, Her husband was the chief beneficiary of her will.
3, She was the sole beneficiary of her father's will.
4, Who will be the main beneficiary of the cuts in income tax?
5, The national theatre will be the main beneficiary of the millionaire's largesse.
6, Both sides, the benefactor and beneficiary, were equally needy.
7, He was the main beneficiary of his father's will.
8, In practice the opposition was the beneficiary of the parity reform.
9, The main beneficiary of it was the agricultural worker and the principal loser the landowner.
10, If the trust is due at once, the beneficiary can claim with priority over other creditors.
11, One clear beneficiary is labor unions, which tend to represent high-wage workers.
12, Celsus, however,[] twice refers to the beneficiary as a legatee.
13, A diagnostic colon test, which costs the average beneficiary $ 164, would carry a price tag of $ 79.
14, Paradoxically, the other major beneficiary from apparent disillusion with the established parties was the far right Front national.
15, The main beneficiary in both cases was the head of the family, Anthony earl Rivers.
16, He was a major beneficiary of the video boom and used his profits to diversify and expand abroad.
17, The Secretary of State is clearly a beneficiary of the legislation; the powers bestowed on that office have grown considerably.
18, In practice, beneficiary households have to pool their meager grants in order to buy a farm from a willing seller.
19, A week later Adam got a letter saying he was the sole beneficiary under the will of his late great-uncle.
20, The extent to which fiduciary duties are modified will depend on what precisely is disclosed and to what the beneficiary has consented.
21, It was not obvious, however[], that Labour would be the main beneficiary of this change.
22, A trust that named Helen LaChance as trustee and Sam as beneficiary.
23, There were also stories circulating that he had been the beneficiary of Marian apparitions.
24, Throughout the 1930s the Conservative Party was the great beneficiary of the popular support for the National governments which were formed.
25, But when their baby son was born, they forgot to add the boy as a beneficiary.
26, Then we spend our money on software whose main beneficiary is the computer itself.
27, MacDonald also had condemned the Lloyd George coalition as corrupt and unprincipled and had been a major beneficiary of its fall.
28, I mean, wouldn't a nice tortoise be a more worthy beneficiary than the reptilian Jamie?
29, They can also delegate to one or more of their co-trustees, but not to a beneficiary.
30, I am particularly pleased that the traditional form of golf, matchplay, should be the beneficiary of this new-found enthusiasm.
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