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Expedient in a sentence

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Synonym: appropriatedesirablefittinghelpfulsensibleusefulwiseAntonym: inexpedientSimilar words: expediteexpeditionobedientlyingredientcarpe diemexperienceexperienceddisobedienceMeaning: [-nt]  n. a means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one. adj. 1. serving to promote your interest 2. appropriate to a purpose; practical. 
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1. Too fond of the right to pursue the expedient
2. It is expedient that he should go.
3. The government found it expedient to relax censorship a little.
4. This solution is politically expedient but may well cause long-term problems.
5. Surgical waiting lists were reduced by the simple expedient of striking off all patients awaiting varicose vein operations.
6. It is expedient that he should retire at once.
7. It was expedient to retire gracefully.
8. We think it is expedient to make a good-will gesture to the new administration.
9. It might be expedient not to pay him until the work is finished.
10. I cut my purchases dramatically by the simple expedient of destroying my credit cards.
11. Moore escaped by the simple expedient of lying down in a clump of grass.
12. The disease was controlled by the simple expedient of not allowing anyone to leave the city.
13. The management has taken a series of expedient measures to improve the company's financial situation.
14. It is expedient to reduce unnecessary expenditure.
15. The arrangement, however, was not just expedient.
16. Politically, expressing horror at degeneracy was expedient.
17. It may, therefore, be expedient on certain occasions to utilise taped material in a more selective manner.
18. They also conceded to an expedient truce, each hoping to fight again once it had regained strength.
19. Before these are considered, however, it is expedient to examine the general principle.
20. It may therefore become economically and politically expedient to encourage a shift to more labour intensive methods of primary
21. Presumably, this is a politically expedient decision; but how long can this car dependence be sustained?
22. But he soon found it expedient to use unsavoury characters to control even nastier ones further down the party line.
23. Since there was soon to be a general election, the Prime Minister decided that a change of policy was politically expedient.
24. Governments frequently ignore human rights abuses in other countries if it is politically expedient to do so.
25. The government has clearly decided that a cut in interest rates would be politically expedient.
26. For short exploratory missions of a few days, it is clearly most expedient to carry along the requisite supplies from Earth.
27. They divined the contents of sealed envelopes by the simple expedient of opening the staples at the other end of the envelope.
28. Billy Bragg has the unusual gift of making other people's songs his own by the simple expedient of singing them.
29. The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.
30. Northern whites tolerated this repression and, in fact, adopted these policies when expedient.
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