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Putrid in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Synonym: atrociousawfulbaddecayedfoulrancidrottensmellystinkingSimilar words: putrefyputrescenceputrefactionoutrightnutrientnutritionnutritiousstrideMeaning: ['pjuːtrɪd] adj. 1. of or relating to or attended by putrefaction 2. in an advanced state of decomposition and having a foul odor 3. morally corrupt or evil. 
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1. A putrid smell drove us from the room.
2. Why did you paint the room that putrid colour?
3. The air settled for sundown, the house again putrid and airless.
4. Just another scheme from the putrid sore of the northwest.
5. It is a putrid pink colour.
6. He lay stinking in the putrid morning sun, trousers pulled down around his buttocks.
7. Poisoned wells, putrid carcases slung over the walls.
8. What's that putrid smell?
9. When the wind was wrong, the putrid stench was wafted up across the fields.
10. Random flashes of light: putrid green, violent orange, hellish red, shot through the swarming darkness.
11. Putrid domestic waste drips into the already festering canals.
12. The room was airless and putrid and stifling hot,[] the window lavender with either twilight or dawn.
13. Rot creates horrendous smells that are putrid to experience.
14. Putrid. Term applied to a wine having a foul nauseating odour of organic decomposition.
15. Are you trying to suffocate us with that putrid smell?
16. To eat putrid food is liable to get sick.
17. I saw on the slant hill a putrid lamb.
18. The food is putrid.
19. Athelstan studied the notice posted above the prisoner's head and gathered that he was a butcher who had sold putrid meat.
20. Gao Ma knew that the lane beyond the southern wall dead-ended at a noodle mill alongside a ditch of putrid stagnant water.
21. The smell of damp and rot seemed to waft from the doorway as if expelled from putrid lungs.
22. If the bucks keep filling up the till(Sentence dictionary), the putrid product on the ice may go unnoticed by the suits.
23. Quantitative value of thick and thin tongue fur, moistening and dryness of tongue fur, greasy and putrid tongue fur can be get through the texture future analysis methods.
24. By comparison, living in my overpriced apartment, walking to work past putrid sacks of street garbage, paying usurious taxes to local and state governments I generally abhor.
25. I then noticed the stench . It was an odor hat was putrid. I could barely breathe.
26. But now the clouds clamped down and a sharp scent of sulfur and putrid fish wafted on a dank puff of air.
27. Why is it that a bucket of water soon becomes putrid, but frozen remains sweet forever?
28. On the third floor, a window had just been opened, releasing a putrid brown cloud.
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