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Neutralized in a sentence

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Similar words: neutraldemoralizedsocializeddemoralizerealizetantalizevisualizesocializeMeaning: ['nuːtrəlaɪz /'nju-]  adj. made neutral in some respect; deprived of distinctive characteristics. 
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1 This strategy effectively neutralized what the Conservatives had hoped would be a vote - winner.
2 The aerial bombardments have neutralized the threat of artillery attacks on allied ground forces.
3 Discarded acid should be neutralized with alkali before disposal.
4 The treaty neutralized the Black Sea.
5 My efforts were neutralized by your one word.
6 Acidity in soil can be neutralized by spreading lime on it.
7 Government forces neutralized the rebels.
8 Often illogical or insubstantial,( they can be neutralized or eliminated with a minimal effort.
9 The vast mass of peasantry could be neutralized by promising land reforms.
10 His self-oriented behavior had been neutralized by the work-related commitment of all his colleagues to narrow the strategic focus of the company.
11 Laura was in excellent health and neutralized the effect of the plan in a number of ways.
12 Lime sprayed on to the surrounding hillsides neutralized the acidity, but risked disrupting wetland ecology.
13 The effectiveness of this measure has now been neutralized, in order to boost private welfare.
14 He neutralized the obscenity by touching the tip of one finger.
15 The treaty neutralized the small republic.
16 Rising prices neutralized increased wages.
17 Switzerland was neutralized in 1815.
18 May be neutralized with dilute mineral acid or vinegar.
19 The double agent was neutralized.
20 This was a tactic neutralized by the a Jiralhanae frigate pair.
21 Software developers have neutralized the astounding performance of modern computer hardware by adding layer upon layer of overelaborate [software] abstractions.
22 Its cytotoxic activity can be neutralized by monoclone antibody against hLT.
23 With this variety neutral grays and neutralized reductions of color intensity may be mixed when desired.
24 The intruder smashed a window to get in and then neutralized the alarm system.
25 And the venom that had collected in my blood that day was neutralized by the sight of her.
26 Acidification is less of a problem on the richer lowland soils because rainwater acids are quickly neutralized.
27 The air of the hospital is lukewarm, and it hums[], and tastes of human organs obscurely neutralized or mistakenly preserved.
28 This means that any effects of the government debt may be neutralized by the appropriate combination of lump-sum taxes and transfers.
29 The treatment effect of acidic waste water of the flue gas absorbed, neutralized by crude calcium carbonate, was studied by crystal membrane distillation.
30 The 2006 Israeli assault on Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and the 2009 attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip demonstrated that rocketry couldn't be neutralized by air power alone.
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