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Outright in a sentence

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Sentence count:253+12 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-16Updated:2017-03-16
Synonym: altogethercompletelydownrightentirelyfreelyfullyopenlyquitethoroughlytotallywhollySimilar words: rightuprightall rightbrightenbrightlyfrightenright awayfrightfulMeaning: ['aʊtraɪt] adj. without reservation or exception. adv. 1. without restrictions or stipulations or further payments 2. without reservation or concealment 3. without any delay. 
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(1) Kawaguchi finally resorted to an outright lie.
(2) Companies are moving away from outright purchase of company cars to contract hire.
(3) I think cigarette advertising should be banned outright.
(4) No one party is expected to gain an outright majority.
(5) If she asked me outright , I'd tell her.
(6) Instead of an outright coup attempt, the rebels want to chip away at her authority.
(7) They opted for rescheduling rather than outright cancellation.
(8) You should persuade her to marry you outright.
(9) I told him outright what I thought of his behaviour.
(10) The response of the audience varied from outright rejection to warm hospitality.
(11) The driver and all three passengers were killed outright.
(12) Most of the crash victims were killed outright.
(13) Outsiders are regarded with outright hostility.
(14) She couldn't help herself and she laughed outright.
(15) I told him outright what I thought of him.
(16) I determined that I would ask him outright.
(17) There was no outright winner in the election.
(18) Three people were killed outright in the accident.
(19) The proposal was met with outright hostility.
(20) He swung from mere indifference to outright scorn.
(21) The group rejects outright any negotiations with the government.
(22) She had failed to win an outright victory.
(23) Why don't you ask him outright if it's true?
(24) Although they are the biggest single party[], they don't have an outright majority.
(25) We had saved enough money to buy the house outright.
(26) With three teams finishing on 40 points, there was no outright winner.
(27) An aide was already spinning the senator's defeat as 'almost as good as an outright win'.
(28) The Convention of Peking in 1860 , which ended the hostilities, provided for its outright cession.
(29) If you have a complaint you should tell me outright.
(30) I told him to get lost and leave me alone and his tone quickly changed from obsequiousness to outright anger.
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