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Proscribe in a sentence

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Synonym: disallowforbidinterdictprohibitvetoSimilar words: scribeascribesubscribedescribeprescribesubscribertranscribesubscribe toMeaning: [prəʊ'skraɪb]  v. command against. 
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1 In some cultures surgery is proscribed.
2 The Broadcasting Act allows ministers to proscribe any channel that offends against good taste and decency.
3 They are proscribed by federal law from owning guns.
4 The Act proscribes discrimination on the grounds of race.
5 The sale of narcotics is proscribed by law.
6 Ten groups in all were now specifically proscribed in Northern Ireland.
7 Many Shiite clergymen maintain that birth control is proscribed by Islam.
8 It prescribes and proscribes the behavior and even the thoughts of its population in virtually every domain of existence.
9 But these Acts do not proscribe activities, they simply provide for investigation in appropriate cases.
10 It should be remembered, however, that Gaelic was proscribed by the authorities for many years.
11 She therefore proscribed all religious, philosophical, or psychological books for village libraries.
12 So popular were the proscribed celebrations that it proved quite impossible to eradicate them completely.
13 Very few officers at the level proscribed have ever sought election as councillors.
14 We do not proscribe any prayer.
15 UML does not proscribe any particular software development method or process; it merely standardizes the form of notation.
16 Not only do laws and customs proscribe incest,( but it's generally assumed that we're biologically programmed to avoid it.
17 I neither prescribe nor proscribe alcohol, but if you're going to drink, have no more than one or two four-ounce glasses of wine, one or two beers, or one or two ounces of liquor.
18 The Athletics Federation have banned the runner from future races for using proscribed drugs.
19 Showing the insignia of Neutral deities cuts no ice with Thadeus - such gods are little better than the Proscribed Ones.
20 The reasons for the ban were multiple, and certainly there are other pesticides today that should also be proscribed.
21 Revolution, and its betrayal by a regime which both prescribes and proscribes literature, are described in both works.
22 Even the space inside the narrow arenas is narrowly proscribed, especially for singers.
23 Congar had in point of fact expressed himself cautiously enough, yet several of his books were proscribed.
24 Political parties Following a 1973 ban on political activity, political parties were constitutionally proscribed in 1978.
25 The crux of the dispute was an initiative by a few members to proscribe any broadcasts to aliens, whether or not we receive a signal first.
26 Listing 2 is a modification of Listing 1 illustrating that RELAX NG does not actually proscribe using namespace prefixes in attributes.
27 In the history of science development all kinds of work based on the pragmatic spirit supply the cognitive base, produce scientific problems and proscribe research methods for science.
28 Convictions concerning the uniqueness or sanctity of human life, whether based on intuition, logic, or divine revelation, proscribe war.
29 Then there's everything else: the low-frequency words that are rarely used except in very specific situations: overpass, far-fetched, competency, proscribe, etc.
30 Today, the work of Christian teachers should include clear focus on who God is, because tomorrow depends very much on the Church of God today we proscribe the concept.
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