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Scribe in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2017-01-31Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: Augustin Eugene ScribeScribecopyistpenmanscratch awlscribblerscriberscrivenerSimilar words: ascribedescribesubscribeprescribesubscribertranscribebribetribeMeaning: [skraɪb]  n. 1. French playwright (1791-1861) 2. informal terms for journalists 3. someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts 4. a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut. v. score a line on with a pointed instrument, as in metalworking. 
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1. Each of the assistants was accompanied by a scribe.
2. We sat on a bench, and the scribe wrote with a goose-quill pen.
3. At his side a fussy grey-faced scribe was penning details about Zen Sharpik into a leatherbound ledger.
4. However, the Scribe has caught a whiff of success and further sightings of Colin Chapmans will be gratefully received.
5. At the house of the Chief Scribe, Reni's major domo was waiting at the gate to meet them.
6. I can not work as a scribe, and I am beginning to enjoy being free.
7. Which compels this scribe to ask when his voice changed into its deep baritone.
8. Scribe across the panel then saw it to size and nail in the margin.
9. Peter O'Toole's happiest hour as the Soho scribe looking back on a mis-spent life.
10. The scribe was dressed in the white garb of mourning, and his lined face looked worn.
11. Siferwas depicted John Whas, the scribe of the Missal, as a Benedictine.
12. The scribe, what was his fate?
13. Students will be asked to scribe lecture notes.
14. The scribe worked hard to support his family.
14. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
15. Jeremiah a scribe to write for him.
16. In time, Wuzhen is Wu, Green Town, Tongxiang scribe.
17. Base classes scribe and implement common behaviors across related concrete types.
18. Then a scribe came and said to Him, " Teacher , I will follow You wherever You go. "
19. Now and again scribe control lines conform with the design.
20. For example, a 13th century scribe named John Myronas cut up several manuscript books, erased them, and stuck them together to write a prayer book.
21. This manuscript is dated circa 1330-1350, and was written by a scribe based in or near Ludlow, Shropshire.
22. Actually, these snubs from Shaw have the effect of making one curious about Eugene Scribe.
23. To an extent the penned hands were also dependent on the nationality of the scribe or where he had been trained.
24. The Spirit of the Letter pays a good deal of attention to the vellum / scribe / fine penmanship side of the lettering question.
25. The scriptorium was poorly lighted; and on wintry days, the cold freely penetrated and benumbed the body of the scribe.
26. It was a return to the Bible by a scribe who had seen the consequences of Hellenization.
27. Glad you could find the time to pop in on a humble scribe.
28. Benjamin Button : They said I was gonna die soon but, scribe not.
29. Reading further in Ezra 7 v 6 we find that Ezra was also a scribe.
30. Enoch was the first to invent books and writing, much like Thoth the scribe.
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