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Intrusive in a sentence

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Sentence count:101Posted:2016-11-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: obtrusiveeffusiveexclusivein truthexclusivelyuntruepassivemassiveMeaning: [ɪn'truːsɪv]  adj. 1. tending to intrude (especially upon privacy) 2. of rock material; forced while molten into cracks between layers of other rock 3. thrusting inward. 
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1. They found the television cameras too intrusive.
2. The cameras were not an intrusive presence.
3. When Alison was at home she was an intrusive presence.
4. On this occasion the press have not been intrusive and they have shown great tact.
5. In doing this try not to become too intrusive.
6. The photographers were pushy and intrusive.
7. Government would be smaller and less intrusive.
8. As you expand the dialogue, without being intrusive, you begin to build his confidence in you.
9. It is only when intrusive ethologists steal and hatch eggs that the wide tolerance of the goslings is revealed.
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10. The worst is often passionately intrusive, while the best is readily eclipsed by noisier and more persuasive methods of dissemination.
11. He was far too intrusive on his own, without bringing his sister and nephew into it.
12. It is impossibly complex, outrageously expensive, overly intrusive, economically destructive and manifestly unfair.
13. And they could be a more powerful and intrusive problem than any you encountered in the corporate infighting of your previous job.
14. Temperature taking is intrusive and will upset the child.
15. The constant presence of the media was very intrusive.
16. Contrast the formation of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.
17. Choose a time that is not intrusive.
18. Planning permission was refused on the grounds that the proposed building would be "visually intrusive".
19. Her mouth felt as dry as a bone and her eyes were closed against the intrusive light.
20. However, it has also to be pointed out that many intrusive land uses have occurred in green belts.
21. Blackpool tourism spokesman John Hall said Lisa felt Gaynor's filming was too intrusive.
22. If it is fixed it gives a limited picture only but is less intrusive.
23. Impose strict limits on dissemination of passenger travel data and the use of overly intrusive searches.
24. The underlying aim may be briefly conceptualized as preventing the need for more intrusive interventions.
25. Police spoke of a benign new law enforcement tactic no more intrusive than a video camera at a convenience store.
26. Pizzi's garb-gold lame for days and more saffron robes than at a Hare Krishna convention-seemed intrusive.
27. Recently the jet stream has retreated northward, meteorologists say, leaving the field undefended against those intrusive southern storms.
28. It may not be as noisy as an old dot-matrix, but you could easily find its sound levels disturbing and intrusive.
29. I used the smoother side of the paper as I find a definite, rough texture rather intrusive.
30. In those days of fewer opinion polls they seemed to play a much smaller, less intrusive part in the elections.
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