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Potentiality in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2017-04-12Updated:2017-04-12
Similar words: potentialpotentiallypotential energyessentialityconfidentialitypotentiaplenipotentiaryexistentialismMeaning: [pəʊtenʃɪ'ælətɪ]  n. 1. the inherent capacity for coming into being 2. an aptitude that may be developed. 
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1. All of these are quite useful breeds whose potentiality has not been realised.
2. The potentiality in the use of biosensor, immunoassay and enzyme inhibition were great in the rapid detection on the spot.
3. Ceramic Filter possesses itself of a great potentiality in development.
4. It has potentiality to model complicated medium and can be performed in massively parallel computer.
5. Creation potentiality of internal decision-making policy covers all management practices. It demands to accumulation and storage of both enterprise strength and ability .
6. So, the lespedeza has great potentiality and market as one series of new-type forage shrub legumes.
7. Among them, with transglutaminase modifying has heavy development potentiality.
8. Objective To explore the potentiality of retroviral etiology in human acute myeloid leukemia ( AML ).
9. Objective To explore the potentiality of pressure sore development a nd to help clinical nurses to assess the risk factors for pressure sore development.
10. The result is a text that operates in the mode of potentiality.
11. What is coincident with the modal's event is the infinitive event's potentiality, not its actualization.
12. A great deal hangs upon the species difference, the human capacity of the less subnormal, and the potentiality of normal infants.
13. Rudolf Dreikurs has observed that encouragement implies faith in the child as she is, not in her potentiality.
14. Where do evokes the infinitive as a reality[], the modals evoke it as a potentiality.
15. In advancing the tenets of racism, Western theorists left no avenue of human potentiality and human activity untouched.
16. The natural enemies of SGL, especially its egg parasitoids, mymaridae, were plentiful and have an important potentiality for sustainable controlling the leafhopper.
17. Research indicates that the water resource development and utilization degree of Nandu River Estuary is not high, and there is still a large potentiality.
18. It is necessary to increase micro benefit, vigor and development potentiality of economic entity for promoting economic growth.
19. As a "rearmost pure eco-land in Shanghai", Chongming has great potentiality in the development of environmental industry.
20. The method for combining remote sensing technique, GIS technique and forest continuous inventory technique has great potentiality in forest resource monitoring.
21. Venture capital is characterized by high - risk, high - return and high growth potentiality.
22. The tidal flat of China is a reserve land resources which increases at all times and has a potentiality of continuative expanding.
23. For motion is nothing else than the reduction of something from potentiality to actuality.
24. The forest energy is the clean energy with enormous, renewable potentiality.
25. At present, agricultural nitre used inland mostly depends on importation, and there is enormous potentiality in domestic market.
26. The demand of science and technology has the features of potentiality, incorporeality, and the uncertainty of expanding scale.
27. The low carbon mixed alcohol synthesized from the synthesis gas is a substitutional fuel for gasoline with potentiality of environmental protection.
28. Ralph Allison not only locates a way of expression of life philosophy in Blues, but also comes to an awareness of literary potentiality in black music.
29. The high - tech risk investment project is characterized by high - risk, high - return and high growth potentiality.
30. Realty industry is a business domain that has great developing potentiality.
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