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Coolness in a sentence

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Synonym: chillinesscoldnessfrigidityfrigidnessicinessimperturbabilityimperturbablenessnervelessnessnipSimilar words: illnesswellnesscarefulnesswastefulnesstruthfulnessunlawfulnessgracefulnessgratefulnessMeaning: ['kuːlnɪs]  n. 1. the property of being moderately cold 2. calm and unruffled self-assurance 3. fearless self-possession in the face of danger 4. a lack of affection or enthusiasm. 
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1. Thinking is, or ought to be, a coolness and a calmness; and our poor hearts throb, and our poor brains beat too much for that. 
2. We could get some coolness here.
3. Her coolness in an emergency was admirable.
4. I noticed a certain coolness between your parents.
5. I admire her coolness under pressure.
6. She distinguished herself by her coolness and bravery.
7. We trusted to his coolness,and he didn't fail us.
8. I noticed a certain coolness between them.
9. A coolness grew between them.
10. There's a slight coolness in the air - do you think it's going to rain?
11. After such a hot day we enjoyed the coolness of the evening breeze.
12. Such coolness under pressure is the mark of a champion.
13. Delicious, the coolness of mud between her toes.
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14. Finally, a cold drink directly stimulates receptors for coolness.
15. She assumed the posture of coolness, confidence and self-assuredness.
16. Then she was aware of the coolness of a shadow falling across her back, the presence of two men behind her.
17. Coolness drifted in the window, and a fragrance of wet grass.
18. Coolness is by far and away the most important feature of a car these days.
19. You swallow, and feel the coolness spread down your throat and into your stomach.
20. The coolness of the water roused me from my reverie, and I left the bath and decided to telephone Toby Greenslade.
21. It was cool, but it was a coolness stirred by warm breezes.
22. The Chirac-Kohl coolness forms part of a growing pattern of strained personal relations among world leaders.
23. He relished the coolness, the raised beds of flowers and herbs, and the elaborately carved fountains splashing in the centre.
24. After the coolness of cruising at eight thousand feet, Defa was a swamp of heat.
25. We walked inside to the darkness and coolness of a bar-restaurant and ordered a beer and a steak each.
26. A misty rain in the morning had left behind a coolness that would stay for hours.
27. He stood straight and breathed through his mouth tasting mint coolness.
28. You finish the first sip of beer, and you can feel the coolness spreading down to your stomach.
29. You bring the can up to your lips, and you can feel the coolness against your hand.
30. The streets were hot and dusty, so Cranston and Athelstan's party welcomed the tavern's coolness.
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