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Lusitania in a sentence

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Similar words: hesitanttitaniumpuritanicalmaniamaniacallusionelusivespaniardMeaning: n. ancient region and Roman province on the Iberian Peninsula; corresponds roughly to modern Portugal and parts of Spain. 
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1. More than a thousand people died when the Lusitania was torpedoed.
2. The Lusitania, in contrast, went down in 18 minutes.
3. Some consider McCays Sinking of the Lusitania from 1918 to be the first animated feature film.
4. While passengers on the Lusitania panicked and scrambled for survival, scientists say that those on the Titanic had enough time to override their animal survival instincts and do the chivalrous thing.
5. The German sinking of the British luxury liner Lusitania in 1915 enraged the US public since the passengers killed included 114 Americans.
6. The British Admiralty had warned the Lusitania to avoid the area and to use the evasive tactic of zigzagging, but the crew ignored these recommendations.
7. The Cunard Line's Mauritania and Lusitania started the tradition of inviting guests to dress for dinner.
8. But kids were not as lucky on the Lusitania, which three years later sank just 18 minutes after being hit by a German torpedo.
9. The Lusitania and the Titanic are often thought of as sister vessels; they in fact belonged to two separate owners, but the error is understandable.
10. But the Lusitania took less than 20 minutes, and panic was the order of the day.
11. The Titanic and the Lusitania carried similar numbers and types of passengers, making the two ships "similar to a field experiment, " Torgler says.
12. The Lusitania slipped below the waves a scant 18 min. after the German torpedo hit it.
13. But on the Lusitania, a first-class ticket didn't confer any advantages, the team reports.
14. Determined to try again, he crossed back in the Lusitania, and survived its sinking on 7 May 1915.
15. Both ships were huge: the Titanic was carrying 2, 207 passengers and crew on the night it went down; the Lusitania had 1, 949.
16. The mortality figures were even closer, with a 68.7% death rate aboard the Titanic and 67.3% for the Lusitania.
17. That would explain why young, healthy men on the Lusitania saved themselves without regard for fellow passengers.
18. On the Titanic, children were 31 percent more likely to make it into a lifeboat, but aboard the Lusitania, children fared slightly worse than other passengers, the team found.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. The very nature of the attack that sank the Lusitania — the sudden concussion of a torpedo, compared to the slow grinding of an iceberg — would also be likelier to spark panic.
20. The researchers combed through historical accounts and records from the Titanic and Lusitania and analyzed which passengers survived on the basis of sex, age and cabin class.
21. On the Titanic, males between the ages of 16 and 35 were almost 7 percent less likely to survive than everyone else, but on the Lusitania, young males were almost 8 percent more likely to survive.
22. Women aboard the Titanic were over 50 percent more likely to survive than males, but women had no advantage on the fast-sinking Lusitania, the team found.
23. It was perhaps never more poignantly played out than during the two greatest maritime disasters in history: the sinking of the Titanic and the Lusitania.
24. The colony of Augusta Emerita, which became present-day Merida in Estremadura, was founded in 25 B. C. at the end of the Spanish Campaign and was the capital of Lusitania.
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