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Pillory in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: crucifygibbetsavageSimilar words: pillowpillpallorspillpillagespillagecapillarykill offMeaning: ['pɪlərɪ]  n. a wooden instrument of punishment on a post with holes for the wrists and neck; offenders were locked in and so exposed to public scorn. v. 1. expose to ridicule or public scorn 2. punish by putting in a pillory 3. criticize harshly or violently. 
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1. He was pilloried, but she escaped without blemish.
2. He was regularly pilloried by the press for his radical ideas.
3. Although regularly pilloried by the press as an obnoxious loudmouth, he is, nonetheless, an effective politician.
4. A man has been forced to resign as a result of being pilloried by some of the press.
5. He was pilloried in the newspapers and his resignation demanded.
6. The education secretary was pilloried by the press for his latest proposals.
7. She was pilloried in the press for her extravagant parties.
8. We do not want to pillory people without cause.
9. Carter was pilloried for his military policies.
10. Lesbians who wished to become parents by artificial insemination found themselves pilloried by the media.
11. Middleton suffered the ultimate humiliation of being pilloried by his colleagues in front of the television cameras.
12. Feminists who recognize this contradiction are pilloried for their pains.
13. First, it should he held up for critical inspection, pilloried when necessary.
14. Harper was pilloried in the press after his team's sixth consecutive defeat.
15. Meanwhile, the transformation from pillory to drama incarnates the intention transformation of watch. Thus, it reflects some kind of mood of the writer and the society.
16. According to legend, what did Defoe's pillory audience throw at him instead of the customary harmful and noxious objects?
17. She is pillory in the press for her extravagant parties.
18. Church leaders protest it is unfair to pillory Benedict, who has acted far more vigorously than Pope John Paul II to stamp out sex abuse.
19. They were clearly on the lookout for a second opening to pillory their headmistress.
20. The gardens contain many trees and a large collection of orchids, as well as old tombstones, Manueline windows and a fifteenth-century pillory.
21. I hate all the hype surrounding the poor bloke – if you believe the media you would have thought that he'd murdered somebody the way they pillory him.
22. The world mocks at it and sometimes puts one in the pillory for
23. He wants a fallacy to expose, a blunder to pillory, requires a Little sense of victory, a roll of the drums, to call his powers into full exercise.
24. Will those found guilty be dragged straight from the court to the pillory?
25. At a time when there is international concern about the number and quality of science graduates, we cannot afford to pillory schools that are getting results, irrespective of sector.
26. Be that as it might, the scaffold of the pillory was a point of view that revealed to Hester Prynne the entire track along which she had been treading, since her happy infancy.
27. The shoes were often used in conjunction with the standing pillory (a device that holds your head and wrists in place while you stand).
28. That it should be so the world does not understand. The world mocks it and sometimes puts one in the pillory for it.
29. This is a story for your pleasure and not a candidate for Mr. Graves' literary pillory !
30. The world mocks at it, and sometimes puts one in the pillory of it.
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