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Physical property in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2017-05-05Updated:2017-05-05
Similar words: physicalphysicallymetaphysicalphysical educationastrophysicsastrophysicistpropertyproperty taxMeaning: n. a property used to characterize physical objects. 
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1. Compare the physical properties of the two substances.
2. This can be attributed to its various physical properties.
3. They are about relations between physical properties.
4. What one has is the assembling of a recipe for constructing physical properties in complicated interrelationships.
5. Unfortunately, determining the physical properties of an asteroid be-fore its impact is quite challenging.
6. It had been conceded that the two forms of cocaine were chemically different and had different physical properties.
7. Currently, the recogniser does not fully exploit information about the physical properties of the input.
8. Chemical Substances Pure substances have a fixed composition and well defined chemical and physical properties.
9. The physical properties that identify this mineral for mineralogists and jewelers set this substance apart.
10. Physical knowledge is knowledge of the physical properties of objects derived by the manipulation of objects.
11. In describing the physical properties of igneous rocks and the minerals that compose them, their texture and acidity were mentioned.
12. In addition to the large increases in colonic SCFAs, there were also important changes in the physical properties of the colonic contents.
13. It improves soil physical property.
14. Malleability is a physical property.
15. Vegetationrestorationcan improve the physical property of soil.
16. The physical property and planar spreading of reservoirs are controlled obviously by sedimentary microfacies.
17. A region of space characterized by a physical property, such as gravitational or electromagnetic force or fluid pressure,[Sentence dictionary] having a determinable value at every point in the region.
18. Self-curing type, Compatibility, Fast drying, Physical property, Ink adhesive after baking.
19. The traditional transfer capability only considers some physical property factors, such as hot limit, voltage limit and stable limit.
20. The reservoir physical property were primarily dominated by sedimentary facies 、 corrosion and dolomization.
21. In this paper , the experimental results on physical property of Chinese torreya was introduced and analyzed.
22. The physical property of piezoelectric ceramic; performance reference and empirical principle about transducer and array.
23. The general principle underlying the definition of the term is that it excludes physical property which a potential purchaser can inspect.
24. Based on the theory of stochastic differential equation, the physical property of price model was proved.
25. Magnetic materials are widely used in industry as its special physical property.
26. It develops the discussion in recent years on the coupling field with constant physical property.
27. Therefore a mesh has four basic characteristics: geometrical property, topological structure, physical property and time - varying property.
28. This article mainly introduces the establishment and structure of physical property estimation system for organic compound.
29. In this article, the author expounds the influence of molecular force on such physical property as melting point, boiling point and the solubility from the theory and by setting many real examples.
30. System adopts structural design. It is composed of basic physical property database and organic compound estimation.
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