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Metaphysical in a sentence

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Sentence count:93Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: physicalphysicallyphysical educationmetaphoricallyphysicsphysicistphysiciandiaphysisMeaning: [‚metə'fɪzɪkl]  adj. 1. pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics 2. without material form or substance 3. highly abstract and overly theoretical. 
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1 Their argument was too metaphysical for me to follow.
2 A lot of scientists don't like discussing metaphysical matters.
3 Lepage's visual magic and technical wizardry get metaphysical.
4 Symbols everywhere, and metaphysical messages.
5 Simplicity is desirable,( in scientific and in metaphysical explanations.
6 A metaphysical world view raises the question of why you attracted that event.
7 I do not intend now to resurrect the metaphysical theory I said in Chapter 2 that we do not need.
8 If we intend to rely upon questionable metaphysical assumptions, that should at least be explicit, and open to negotiated change.
9 The dying planet has a metaphysical relationship to my own mortality and to that extent my inquiry into landscape is inherently ironic.
10 Scheler's phenomenology was based on a metaphysical hierarchy of values orienting the human being.
11 Locked in a metaphysical conundrum, they both looked at the patch of road where the virtual pole barred the way.
12 As such, it competes with other metaphysical theories like materialism.
13 The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science was very tough going.
14 It is hoped that in this way the metaphysical difficulties surrounding this problem will largely melt away.
15 The theological stage he associated with militarism, the metaphysical with juristic thought, and the positive stage with industrialism.
16 His eyes were glued to the hands of Young Jack, awaiting the slightest movement amongst the dark captain's metaphysical digits.
17 Almost anything is possible, where there are no fundamental metaphysical constraints on the sorts of things that might exist.
18 Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artists metaphysical value judgments. Ayn Rand 
19 But it does mean that the particular conceptions of science held by its pioneers were often informed by theological and metaphysical beliefs.
20 A further component of paradigms consists of some very general, metaphysical principles that guide work within a paradigm.
21 Darwinist dogma that asserts life began and developed by a sequence of purposeless random accidents remains a metaphysical belief.
22 Consequently, the notion of force becomes a link between the metaphysical and physical realms.
23 The advent of automatic control has come in three stages and has spawned three nearly metaphysical changes in human culture.
24 But this at once raises the question which Kant posed to himself; can, then, any metaphysical argument be justified?
25 In all these respects, materialism functions just like theism, as one competing metaphysical scheme amongst others.
26 Thus neither side is any further forward, and each is adventitiously yoked to the vicissitudes of a complex metaphysical issue.
27 For him, as for Neruda and others, Communism was less a political philosophy than a metaphysical need.
28 Her work explores connections between science and philosophy, physics and the metaphysical.
29 However, the myth of the moral integrity of the Soviet state more than compensated for its metaphysical shortcomings.
30 What flows from his pen in this book is a mixture of autobiography, literary theory, and metaphysical speculation.
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