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Bias in a sentence

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Synonym: diagonalobliqueprejudgmentprejudiceswaySimilar words: bagsasbadbanbarbasebatbayMeaning: ['baɪəs]  n. 1. a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation 2. a line or cut across a fabric that is not at right angles to a side of the fabric. v. 1. influence in an unfair way 2. cause to be biased. adj. slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric. 
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1 Bias against women permeates every level of the judicial system.
2 Some institutions still have a strong bias against women.
3 She has a strong musical bias.
4 The government has accused the media of bias.
5 They are accusing the teacher of political bias in his marking.
6 Employers must consider all candidates impartially and without bias.
7 Students were evaluated without bias or favoritism.
8 The lawyer made a tearful plea to bias the jury.
9 The university has a bias towards/in favour of/against the sciences.
10 Given data which are free from bias there are further snares to avoid in statistical work.
11 The newspaper has a clear bias towards the Conservative Party.
12 There has always been a slight bias in favour of/towards employing arts graduates in the company.
13 Don't let her insults bias you against your husband.
14 The skirt is cut on the bias.
15 The study set out to examine bias in television news coverage.
16 There was clear evidence of a strong bias against her.
17 Knowing her political bias we discounted most of her story.
18 The course has a strong practical bias.
19 The industrial bias of canal building can be readily perceived by looking at Figure 7.3.
20 All material must be selected and presented without bias.
21 The Department has a strong bias towards neuroscience.
22 We mustn't allow it to bias our teaching.
23 Reporters must be impartial and not show political bias.
24 She showed a scientific bias at an early age.
25 Leila had a marked scientific bias.
26 It's clear that the company has a bias against women and minorities.
27 Bias often creeps in through the wording of questions.
28 The committee is of a/has a conservative bias.
29 Be careful you don't leave yourself open to charges of political bias.
30 There were fierce attacks on the BBC for alleged political bias.
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