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Intercept in a sentence

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Synonym: arrestcheckhold upinterruptstopSimilar words: intercedeintercessorperceptionperceptibleapperceptioninterimwinterypainterMeaning: [‚ɪntə(r)'sept]  n. the point at which a line intersects a coordinate axis. v. 1. seize on its way 2. tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information. 
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1. It is illegal to intercept radio messages.
2. Two British ships were sent to intercept the convoy.
3. Perhaps Kev would try to intercept her going home, he often did that.
4. The Soviets today have the capability to intercept and locate the sources of United States communications frequencies.
5. Like a mutant, the intercept station consists only of an ear and a brain connected by a coaxial auditory nerve.
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6. It is a federal crime to intentionally intercept a telephone conversation or to disclose its contents.
7. In summer, spotted flycatchers intercept insects emerging from the tangle of vegetation beneath.
8. So he had driven down from Edinburgh to intercept the train.
9. Angel, racing towards the enemy goal, tried to intercept with an air shot.
10. If an eavesdropper tried to intercept the transmission, it would disrupt the signal.
11. Tendons which intercept the central core are anchored at the slab / core intersection.
12. Don't try to intercept track if the turn does not finish on track.
13. It is illegal to intentionally intercept phone conversations or knowingly distribute their contents.
14. He quickened his pace to try and intercept her but the crowds on the pavement and the traffic on the street intervened.
15. If a punch is aimed at the face, the defender steps out to intercept it before it gains momentum.
16. A ball is thrown from player to player and the person in the middle must try to intercept it.
17. Alternatively, let him fly high to act as a aerial patrol to intercept an enemy trying the same thing.
18. As he left the encampment behind, a slim, ragged figure emerged from the undergrowth to intercept him.
19. They milled together and dismounted, the two Myrcans immediately running to the rear to intercept the pursuit.
20. It is true that the Sun emits helium-3 in the solar wind, and that in principle we could intercept it.
21. According to industry officials, a new breed of digital phone transmits in computer code that is much more difficult to intercept.
22. You will never have the put-in at two scrums in succession unless the other side knock-on trying to intercept.
23. Enemy radar must have detected our approach, for Hurricane fighters came out to intercept before we reached the target.
24. At the same time, the Navy was fishing for signals from intercept stations located at Cheltenham, Maryland.
25. The growth of a young plant is limited by the small amount of leaf area available to intercept light energy.
26. Their strategy was overheard on a police scanner that was able to intercept cellular phone transmissions.
27. If the car was still moving, police could work out a safe time and location to intercept it.
28. Instead, the Navy would man and run the ships, and the Naval Security Group would conduct the intercept operations.
29. Grabbing his key, Harry hurried from the room and followed the corridors round to intercept.
30. Hit second ball made four - the fielders showing the minimum inclination to intercept it.
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