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Cogency in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: rigorrigourvaliditySimilar words: intelligence agencycogentagencyurgencyexigencypungencyemergencycontingencyMeaning: ['kəʊdʒənsɪ]  n. 1. persuasive relevance 2. the quality of being logically valid. 
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1, having no cogency or legal force.
2, The film makes its points with cogency and force.
3, The cogency of this prescriptive analysis is highly questionable.
4, Teachers should discuss the cogency and clarity of such documents and should encourage pupils to improve them.
5, Violence is more cogency than me,( I think.
6, Still, the underlying reasons for it have some cogency.
7, While we fret about the decreasing cogency of public debate, computers dismiss linear argument and promote fast, shallow romps across the information landscape.
8, The MP argued his position with such cogency and wit that even his opponents were impressed.
9, there is the problem with the very cogency of the idea itself.
10, Qiao Busi states in cogency decided the contribution that couple of law heart Er makes for the company, expect Fadeer to serve as somewhat in new working post.
11, But Hamas says, with some cogency, that it has been illegal for Mr Abbas to retain his post as the PA’s president since January this year, when his four-year term should have run out.
12, You will be graded for clarity, conciseness, originality, cogency of arguments, and ability to synthesize different lines of thinking.
13, To see the cogency of this argument, let’s look at a part of the U.S. federal government’s budget.
14, So the notion that pragmatics might be the study of aspects of meaning not covered in semantics certainly has some cogency.
15, It is only by bringing them into the light of day that we can assess their cogency.
16, Where one spins the tunes, the other continues the melodic line to give cogency and consistency to the whole.
17, Active participation in discussion is essential to the life of the class and the force and cogency of students' remarks will have a marked influence on grades.
18, The differing levels provide a "simple symbolism of linking together past, present and future, as inter-reliant and simultaneously merging elements, lends the design cogency."
19, At last, based on the characteristic of Nanjing, the paper brings forward cogency advice on urban positioning of it.
20, In this, as in all his work, he brought to an argument the cogency of the rationally convinced with the wisdom of one who could see the other side.
21, What are the arguments advanced by the various protagonists , and what is their cogency?
22, Upon exegesis, the jury will conclude that there is no cogency in this contention.
23, Participation in discussion is essential to the life of the class and the force and cogency of students' remarks will have a marked influence on grades.
24, The abstract of science and technology article belongs to the style of science and technology, which is characterized by brevity, cogency and clarity.
25, Recently , the argument has come under serious scrutiny , with many influential philosophers unconvinced of its cogency .
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