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Voluminous in a sentence

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Synonym: amplebulkyextensivegenerousSimilar words: luminousominousvolumealuminumluminaryaluminiumilluminateruinousMeaning: [və'ljuːmɪnəs] adj. 1. large in volume or bulk 2. marked by repeated turns and bends 3. large in number or quantity (especially of discourse). 
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1. Her voluminous silk dress billowed out behind her.
2. She tucked up her voluminous skirts to make room for Jane beside her.
3. Have you read McClelland's voluminous account of his life and work?
4. He took voluminous notes during the lecture.
5. From one of his voluminous pockets he produced a bottle of whisky.
6. The FBI kept a voluminous file on Pablo Picasso.
7. I sank down into a voluminous armchair.
8. There is voluminous literature on modernism and post-modernism.
9. When finished in 426, the voluminous work contained some twenty-two books and upwards of 1000 pages.
10. Roused, the Monsignor hiked the skirt of his voluminous cassock and lumbered up to the podium.
11. She took off the voluminous apron Cook had lent her and went in search of her charge.
12. The now voluminous literature on modernism and postmodernism has been dominated by philosophers and modern language theorists and historians of architecture.
13. Democritus' writings were voluminous(, and several of the recorded titles sound medical in nature.
14. He answered every letter in his voluminous correspondence, and never formally.
15. Voluminous diplomatic correspondence, in a serious but ridiculous vein, followed this episode.
16. Clarke's voluminous papers include many draft bills and policy documents.
17. The voluminous report has been sent to Congress.
18. The ludicrously voluminous Inner notes read like a parody of depraved academicism.
18. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
19. Compiled annually, it is a voluminous source which can now be fully exploited for the first time using computer techniques.
20. Tom pulled the voluminous nightshirt over his head and threw it into a copper tub with the sheets.
21. All heads of department carried on a voluminous correspondence with this official.
22. These pockets are so voluminous that you can get a whole lot in besides - suntan lotion, midge repellent, etc.
23. Information brokers, for example, are rapidly becoming necessary in dealing with the voluminous amounts of information on the networks.
24. Deeper into the hell, Athelstan shivered, folding his arms into the voluminous sleeves of his robe.
25. Both subscriptions cost about £800 per year and both have the nasty habit of being so voluminous as to go largely unread.
26. His misfortunes spurred Galt to write with renewed vigour and until near the end of his life his output was voluminous.
27. What that experience demonstrates is that the teacher very rarely uses the voluminous information, which is nevertheless conscientiously stored and retained.
28. It was out of the question to put on an exhaustive exhibition, because it would have been too voluminous.
29. Try to avoid forcing your reviewer to read through voluminous material of questionable value to him.
30. When she went shopping to the town she wore a long, voluminous, dark-grey cloak of which she was very proud.
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