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Orthotropic in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-09-25Updated:2018-09-25
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(1) The static problem of orthotropic magneto - electro - elastic media is resolved with the state space approach.
(2) In this paper, the vibration of composite materials orthotropic laminated plates have been analyzed by the Boundary Element Method.
(3) The anti-plane equation of motion for an orthotropic anisotropic body has several expressive manners, moreover the presentations of self-similar solutions are particularly simple.
(4) The basic differential equations of orthotropic sandwich with initial deflection and solved by Navier dual - trigonometric series.
(5) For the plane stress problem of fixed end orthotropic beams subjected to uniform load, the analytical solutions of stress and displacement were resolved.
(6) The Fracture problems of orthotropic plates were studied by using the boundary element subfield method.
(7) Because of these advantages laminated orthotropic piezoelectric composite materials are expected to play a more important rule in self-diagnosis and self-adaption structures.
(8) Through the analysis of testing results of orthotropic steel deck under more loading cases, actual stress in deck is presented.
(9) The deck is an orthotropic steel box girder of aerofoil shape with cantilevered cycle tracks and footway supported from the box.
(10) The stresses between laminates of orthotropic laminated beams in uniform temperature field are studied.
(11) The elastic-plastic stress and displacement fields of cylindrically orthotropic composite thick-walled tube under uniform radial pressure are studied.
(12) The research focuses on dynamic properties and energy dissipation in the orthotropic fiber grid reinforced concrete.
(13) On the basis of the author's former paper, in this paper the forced vibrations of rectangular orthotropic plates taking into account the shear deformation and rotatory inertia are discussed.
(14) Basing on three-dimension elasticity and giving up any assumptions, the authors obtain the state equations for the orthotropic body.
(15) The results showed that the elastic constants of wood could be determined by means of electric resistance -strain gauges, and the constants was satisfied to the limits of orthotropic.
(16) This paper is based on the construction of corrugated paperboard, using the HOFF principle of orthotropic sandwich plate theory, analyzing descriptions of Corrugated Paperboard's Lateral Vibration.
(17) In this paper the stress and deformation in a orthotropic hybrid laminated beam are studied.
(18) The effects of rock characteristics on the propagation of explosion stress wave are studied and the blast action and the crack effects in the orthotropic rock are analysed through fractal principle.
(19) The main objective of this paper is to investigate a new measurement method to identify plate rigidities of a circular orthotropic disk using vibration data.
(20) In the course of the whole bridge researches, used a orthotropic unit instead of lead rubber bearing.
(21) This paper presents a systematical investigation of the nonlinear bending of polar orthotropic circular plates under arbitrarily axisymmetric loads and a variety of boundary conditions.
(22) Based on elastic theory, in this paper cast-in-situ RC hollow flat slab is converted to orthotropic plates by the pseudo-plates theory and the equilibrium equation is built.
(23) High-speed Schardin photography and optical caustics method are introduced to study dynamic stress singularities of mode-I crack tip in orthotropic composites under impact.
(24) In this paper, an approximate expression for solving plane stress problem of orthotropic material is worked out based upon the procedures of Lecknitzky's work.
(25) In this paper, the strength, stiffness and buckling of large FRP conducting wind channel in cooling tower are analyzed using orthotropic shell theory.
(26) This method is an accurate one for the measurement of orthotropic rocks.
(27) We will consider first the case of two - dimensional incompressible steady flow through orthotropic soil.
(28) Meanwhile, a new finite strip analytical method has also been developed by combining X-direction finite strip analysis with orthotropic shell theory in this paper.
(29) This paper investigates the subharmonic parametric resonance problems of a symmetric orthotropic laminated rectangular plate with simply supported edges by the use of the singularity theory.
(30) Based on PATRAN/NASTRAN and a combination of direct search method and orthotropic experiment method, an effective optimization system was established.
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