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Obfuscate in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-12-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: confiscatescatterconfiscationvacateeducatelocateeducatedplacateMeaning: ['ɑbfʌskeɪt /'ɒb-]  v. make obscure or unclear. 
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1) She was criticized for using arguments that obfuscated the main issue.
2) They are obfuscating the issue, as only insurance companies can.
3) He obfuscated the problem we argued.
4) The writer often obfuscates the real issues with petty details.
5) Politicians have once again obfuscated the issue.
6) Comedy obtrudes too to obfuscate matters still further.
7) It remains a mystery whether Yeltsin knew about it and was deliberately obfuscating.
8) This ambiguity obfuscates the distinct voices of Proust's text and de Man's and divides the responsibility for the proposition.
9) I must obfuscate this example.
10) Yes, you could easily camouflage and obfuscate information in, say,( a 15-page handout if that was your intent.
11) An overview of the usual objectives should not obfuscate their interdependence, their interaction, nor the possible conflicts that may exist among them.
12) Why? Because error handling should not obfuscate the logic of the code.
13) You will not delete, alter, or obfuscate any proprietary legends relating to the Image, and each use will be accompanied by the applicable proprietary attribution shown next to the Image.
14) Macdonald accepted that such information could be used to manipulate, to obfuscate, and to mislead.
15) Ideology, the ideas which rationalize a person's class interests, obfuscates scientific analysis.
16) Ethiopia rejected the verdict, and has since used diplomatic verbiage to obfuscate and stall.
17) Using traditional proxy properties does not limit your ability to obfuscate the Model because the properties are referenced directly and would be obfuscated with the rest of the application.
18) The dynamic proxy property approach does reduce or eliminate the ability to obfuscate the Model layer because the properties on the Model are now referenced by name in the XAML.
19) Now that you've merged your scripts, you can go ahead and minify or obfuscate them.
20) Also, when you're changing your code to minify or obfuscate, there's a risk that you may introduce bugs.
21) The document then bounces between Tor servers in a random manner, using layers of encryption to obfuscate its source address.
22) NET framework used class and method names are still in plain text and readable to anyone, and that is because you can obfuscate anything but the .
23) Remember that every parameter may be changed, no matter how much you hide or obfuscate it.
24) The Ruby source code is compiled into native machine code (same process as we do at runtime with the JIT compiler), so it's also a good way to obfuscate the source code.
25) The controversial Race to Zero contest, run by New Zealand security researcher Simon Howard, allowed each team to try to obfuscate real computer viruses and exploit code samples.
26) In hindsight, I realize that the best way to obfuscate this link would be to use an MD5-generated hash value, effectively hiding all voter information.
27) If a virus writer, or a metamorphic engine, attempts to obfuscate the computation of the port number, the anti-virus system may apply constant folding to de-obfuscate it.
28) But in the early years they produced abominations that could even obfuscate JSPs.
29) Some advice for Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch: You can obfuscate about what is said in a private conversation.
30) It's not clear to me why business plans are the way they are, but they're often misused to obfuscate, bore and show an ability to comply with expectations.
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