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Normative in a sentence

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Synonym: prescriptiveSimilar words: formativeaffirmativeaffirmative actionformationreformationinformationmalformationtransformationMeaning: ['nɔrmətɪv /'nɔː-]  adj. 1. relating to or dealing with norms 2. pertaining to giving directives or rules. 
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(1) Normative sexual behaviour in our society remains heterosexual.
(2) A normative grammar of a language describes how its authors think the language should be spoken or written.
(3) The biggest things in the normative order are institutions.
(4) They are normative because the assessment will depend inpart on the value judgements adopted by the assessor.
(5) Normative theories tend to be fairly egalitarian, whereas positive theories are generally more pessimistic about redistributive prospects.
(6) Normative positivism asserts what legal positivists deny, namely that there is a necessary connection between law and positive morality.
(7) At very best, any particular religion can be normative or valid only for those who happen to subscribe to it.
(8) Summary 1 Welfare economics deals with normative issues or value judgements.
(9) Behaviouralists drew a sharp distinction between normative and scientific statements, and made it the hallmark of science to avoid the normative.
(10) The active influential citizen described ill normative political theory is not excused from the obligations of the subject.
(11) Social capacities are normative or prescriptive, in that they include responsibilities for whose discharge the actor can be praised or criticized.
(12) Of themselves, of course, the rules are normative, and their validity is thus unaffected by issues of fact.
(13) Normative theory specifies how things in society ought to be(, given a desired set of outcomes and philosophical position.
(14) They had dealt with the normative dilemma: should they stay at home or not after the child was born?
(15) Using measures which explain variations in utilisation in normative formulas is to confuse what is with what ought to be.
(16) As a result, those four decades seem utterly normative to us, the only conceivable pattern for human life.
(17) The middle way seeks to formalise, or at least make explicit, normative patterns in the general activity of reading.
(18) A fourth criticism faults the scientific method, because it does not help answer the crucial normative questions of politics.
(19) Thus it can be the grounds for greater tolerance and wiser value judgments about normative political issues.
(20) In the first place, it was relativist; it proclaimed no value system as its basis; it lacked normative quality.
(21) Moreover, that history and that revelation to which Christians necessarily make reference are in some sense normative for the religion.
(22) The positive analysis of vertical restraints within this framework can be taken a little further, with implications for normative issues.
(23) It need not, therefore, be related to any act performed in the belief that it has normative consequences.
(24) It is saying too much in that the same normative consequences can sometimes be reached by different routes.
(25) An ideology is simply the elevation of a particular set of perceptions, assumptions, and analyses to a normative belief system.
(26) Christians may hold very different positions as to how far it is normative.
(27) There is therefore inevitably a friction between the rigid pacta tertiis rule and the progressive development of normative standards.
(28) Many of the most fascinating and fundamental issues in the political world have normative components.
(29) Political theory is the source of many of the normative knowledge claims produced by political scientists.
(30) We must again remember to search for the constitution amongst the realities, and not confine ourselves to pretty normative structures.
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