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Teem in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-11-03Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: aboundflowswarmSimilar words: self-esteemseemdeempreemptseeminglyteenagreementsteelMeaning: [tɪːm]  v. 1. be teeming, be abuzz 2. move in large numbers. 
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1. Fish teem in Chinese waters.
2. Fish teem in these waters.
3. Hippopotamuses teem in this river.
4. Hells bells! they could not even spell teem!
5. Fish teem in this river.
6. His writings teem with satyr and a neatness of style.
7. How many hydra per cubic centimetre teem in that pond?
8. Fish teem in that river.
9. Fish teem in the river.
10. Fish teem in this stream.
11. The coastal waters teem with fat crabs.
12. Good ideas teem in her head.
13. The earth's tropics teem with species.
14. Teem Plaza is a great place for shopping.
15. The rivers here teem with fish.
16. Good fish teem in this lake.
17. To be fully supplied or filled; teem.
18. Fish teem in the Chinese waters.
19. This is to teem with absolute sincerity and lucky day.
20. Our woods teem with them both, and around every swamp may be seen the partridge or rabbit walk, beset with twiggy fences and horse-hair snares[], which some cow-boy tends.
21. The streets teem with cars, trucks and vans with all kinds of designs and colors running like a millpond, with no horns hooting .
22. Its fields are fertile, its vineyards productive and its forests teem with wild life.
23. Towns with names like Connacht, Munster, Rosedale and Hanratty that teem with cramped lives and desperate people.
24. With luck, in a year the place should begin to teem with federal workers.
25. Unlike, say , Hemingway's or Mailer's, his life doesn't exactly teem with incident.
26. Their theoretic have effected the society profoundly and extensively and a great lot of art have come to teem in the each history phase and many geography district.Sentence dictionary
27. In the evening of Aug. 6, 2008, the first-run of the group match was under way. As the amphitryon, the women's football teem met the old competitor Sweden at Tianjing Shuidi Olympic center.
28. The lab's beakers, vials, and refrigerators, secured behind locked doors with double-paned windows, all teem with viruses.
29. The cafe - lined Borgo Stretto and the Piazza dei Cavalieri often teem with students.
30. On Mirror Lake outspread for miles and miles , The lotus lilies in full Blossom teem .
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