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Inwards in a sentence

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Sentence count:71Posted:2016-11-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: inwardinwardlyas regardsawardtowardforwardhardwareafterwardMeaning: ['ɪnwə(r)dz]  adv. 1. to or toward the inside of 2. toward the center or interior. 
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1. Does the window open inwards or outwards?
2. She turns her toes inwards when she walks.
3. A breeze blew the curtains inwards.
4. Her thoughts turned inwards.
5. The door swung inwards to crash against a chest of drawers behind it.
6. The door opens inwards.
7. All the windows were blasted inwards with the force of the explosion.
8. Windows were blasted inwards by the fusillade.
9. Brown stains caused by small flames crept inwards.
10. A large section of the building immediately collapsed inwards.
11. Interlink hands behind your back, palms facing inwards.
12. Once again the novel repeatedly turns inwards to examine its own nature, presenting itself as a kind of palimpsest.
13. A second pair of windows burst inwards, shattered in unison, glass fragments chiming and clattering to the carpet.
14. All of a sudden the far wall exploded inwards and a broiling mass of water burst into the room.
15. Companies which looked inwards to Whitehall are now listening to their customers and shareholders.
16. They have to look inwards, too - sometimes very closely - at the workings of the organization itself.
17. Most faced inwards, backs against the wind, nodding, bowing, dozing, brooding, shuffling webbed feet.
18. The door began to swing inwards, but painfully slowly, his weight and the strong breeze hindering its progress.
19. She pressed back against the door until it swung inwards.
20. She was still shivering when he finished,[sentencedict .com] but the warmth gradually began to seep inwards to where her bones were chilled.
21. His eyes swivelled in an old panic, trying to look inwards.
22. They can only be exerted within the body of water so the outermost molecules are drawn inwards away from the surface.
23. Further gravitational segregation of the iron core means that denser material moves inwards displacing less dense material outwards.
24. Hold the bar with an alternate grip, that is one palm facing outwards and one facing inwards.
25. Unresponsive export markets led many houses to turn their attention inwards and focus on long-neglected domestic sales.
26. The concern is with taking a wider perspective, looking outwards rather than inwards.
27. One sheet lay at his feet, as yet untouched by the flames, although it was beginning to curl inwards.
28. In fact, the reason you move outwards is that there is insufficient force pulling you inwards.
29. Behind her in the fluorescent glint bald heads and napes bulge over armchairs still turned inwards, turned away.
30. This is a good thing because, even if you could, further impacts might well drive them inwards, skewering your lungs.
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