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Irradiate in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-01-11Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: enlightenraySimilar words: radiationradianteradicatemediateimmediaterepudiaterepudiatedimmediatelyMeaning: [ɪ'reɪdɪət]  v. 1. give spiritual insight to; in religion 2. cast rays of light upon 3. expose to radiation. 
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1) His little face was irradiated by happiness.
2) The cells are irradiated so that they cannot reproduce.
3) The sun irradiates the earth.
4) The surgeons irradiated the tumour.
5) The jury's still out on the safety of irradiated food.
6) Irradiated food must carry labels acknowledging the fact.
7) The flies were irradiated to make them sterile.
8) The researchers irradiated all of the tumor cells to render them incapable of spreading once returned to the patients' bodies.
9) So, molecular fragments, formed by irradiating a precursor,( would instantly recombine.
10) The plant will initially reprocess irradiated fuels from the country's five existing nuclear power plants.
11) Plant breeders know this, and irradiate their seeds in the hope of turning up new and useful forms.
12) To irradiate or illuminate ( an object ).
13) We irradiate the desert with slow neutrons.
14) Use a laser pen to irradiate one fly's compound eye.
15) The system does not irradiate hard light to the positions of the eyes of the speechmaker(, can not damage the eyes of the speechmaker or influence projection effect.
16) But some authors suggest to prophylactically irradiate the the whole neck.
17) The technology to irradiate food has been around for the better part of a century.
18) Avoid the using position where sunlight irradiate directly to avoid color changing.
19) It takes less than a pound of plutonium to irradiate every human being in the world!
20) When such changes are induced in the germ cells, they may be transmitted to descendants of the irradiated persons.
21) Perutz froze the compound into an argon matrix, and irradiated the molecule with light.
22) In every human body, they insisted, there remains a spark of the Divine Principle which once irradiated its entire being.
23) Of the 79 food companies that responded to the survey, only two will irradiate.
24) Also available is lineup of long - focus reflectors ( for air - cooled types only ) that irradiate UV light effectively.
25) Maintaining a common heart , treating people honestly, being good - hearted make one irradiate beauty.
26) Be covering that face seeming to have met before, be fearing to irradiate onlyly in dark.
27) In experiments, we used the 2793K halogen tungsten lamp to irradiate the detector of CCD143A and measured the values of photometry and radiometry.
28) Also available is a lineup of long-focus reflectors (for air-cooled types only) that irradiate UV light effectively.
29) In the indirect driven implosion, the scattering laser from the hohlraum wall will partially irradiate on the capsule and influence its implosion.
30) Safety condition of using Nd - YAG laser to irradiate the esophagogastric andcolonic mucosa of dogs was studied.
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