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Median in a sentence

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Sentence count:165Posted:2016-11-15Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: averagemedialmedian valuemedianSimilar words: mediaimmediateIndianCanadianmediummedicalmedicinemediocreMeaning: ['miːdɪən]  n. the value below which 50% of the cases fall. adj. 1. relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values) 2. dividing an animal into right and left halves 3. relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle. 
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1. Median household income fell last year.
2. The median age of the group is 42.
3. Data are expressed as median values and ranges.
4. Preoperative radiotherapy did not prolong the median survival time.
5. But today the median age is 42.
6. Median and minimum arterial-alveolar oxygen tension ratios for ventilated infants on the first day were significantly lower in the random group.
7. By 1993, the median age for women was 24. 5 and for men, 26. 5.
8. However, if the additional constraint is binding, the median voter would no longer be able to choose E 1.
9. The median age of the patients is 54 and men are affected twice as often as women.
10. Median white household income is $ 52, 829, while black household income is $ 60, 450.
11. There were no significant differences between the median serum IGFBP-1 and insulin concentrations in well grown compared with stunted patients.
12. The median household income for San Francisco area residents was $ 66, 900 last year.
13. The estimated median age of marriage has continued to rise over the past quarter century.
14. The median is not the mid-point between the first number and the last.
15. The median time for return to employment was 18 days.
16. Men had a median value of 124 percent, compared with 109 percent for women.
17. The lowest median income for home buyers was $ 52, 900 in Cleveland.
18. The plot gives median values and interquartile ranges across all families.
19. Median hospital stay, however, was the same and stool frequency in those with a functioning pouch were comparable.
20. Nationally, the 1990 median household income was $ 36, 915 for whites and $ 21, 423 for blacks.
21. Median income growth among educated women, especially those contributing to a two-income household, raised incomes along the upper end.
22. By contrast, the median income of those with IRAs, savings and pension plans is $ 44, 500.
23. The relatively small difference in median age between the patients and the control subjects is unlikely to be important.
24. Those patients who present with metastatic disease and are treated with maximal endocrine treatment will have a median survival of 36 months.
25. The city eventually decided that ambulance service, street sweeping, and maintenance of median strips were better handled by public employees.
26. Ironically, such cases were among the only major categories in the study in which median awards declined.
27. The citation patterns again show a bimodal distribution, with two median half-lives.
28. The result of using the mean of each triple instead of the median is shown in columns 4 and 5 of figure 9.7.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. In Fig. 11-9 are illustrated the preferences of the median voter over a private good and the local public good.
30. Mean and standard deviation of normally distributed results are shown; otherwise median and range are given.
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