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Puritanical in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-05Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bluepriggishprimprissyprudishpuritanpuritanicsquare-toedstraight-lacedstraightlacedstrait-lacedstraitlacedtight-lacedvictorianSimilar words: puritanmechanicalpuritytitaniumpurificationcynicalcynicallyclinicalMeaning: [‚pjʊrɪ'tænɪkl /‚pjʊə-]  adj. 1. of or relating to Puritans or Puritanism 2. exaggeratedly proper 3. morally rigorous and strict. 
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1. He rebelled against his puritanical upbringing.
2. The atmosphere at the school was oppressively puritanical.
3. She is very puritanical about sex.
4. He has a puritanical attitude towards sex.
5. Their parents had a puritanical streak and didn't approve of dancing.
6. Americans tend to be more puritanical than Europeans.
7. This puritanical, megalithic masonry was the chosen style of Muhammed bin Tughluk.
8. He became more puritanical, searching my room and handbag regularly.
9. They figure this was a puritanical overreaction to a handful of innocent pictures and claim it raises the chilling specter of censorship.
10. A "bluenose" is a strict, puritanical person.
11. Now you are coming over all puritanical about nothing.
12. She was anything but puritanical in her behavior.
13. There'sa puritanical side to me.
14. What,[] you have some puritanical hang - up about prostitution?
15. They adhered to an old-fashioned and somewhat puritanical morality , and criticized their friend Ingrid Bergman for destroying her film career by having an illegitimate child with Roberto Rossellini .
16. They adhered to an old-fashioned and somewhat puritanical morality, and criticized their friend Ingrid Bergman for destroying her film career by having an illegitimate child with Roberta Rossellini.
17. Dawkins's Biomorph Land was a fertile, but puritanical, place that hadn't a hint of sex.
18. It was perhaps no wonder that he reacted against the spartan, puritanical environment of Potsdam.
19. Money is the root of all evil, dictates the puritanical thought of the Old Age.
20. The attitude many people have toward abortion is part of what Moore calls a puritanical streak in the United States.
21. If anything, pentecostals are generally viewed as being more puritanical than other women, not more promiscuous.
22. Most enjoyed the luxury of employing a cleaner to do their housework but a few took a puritanical delight in doing their own.
23. LaLanne had added a new dimension to the diet gurus' puritanical quest for spiritual salvation through the body: exercise.
24. The social norms of native Saudis have the external appearance of puritanical Islamic practice.
25. The latest research suggests a more prosaic, democratic, even puritanical view of the world.
26. For Saudi Arabia is a country in which both rulers and ruled are equally arch- conservative, adhering, for the last two centuries, to the puritanical Wahhabi doctrine of Islam.
27. In contrast, men such as Rockefeller and Ford exhibited puritanical qualities.
28. Another possible cause of vaginismus is a strict and puritanical upbringing that teaches a girl to consider sex dirty or evil.
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