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Junk mail in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2016-09-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: mailtrunkchunkjunglejuniordomainremainmainlyMeaning: n. third-class mail consisting of advertising and often addressed to `resident' or `occupant'. 
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1) We get a lot of junk mail.
2) I throw junk mail straight in the bin without reading it.
3) These days, we are bombarded with endless junk mail, fliers, and general bumf.
4) Circulars and other junk mail go straight in the bin.
5) She tossed the junk mail in the bin,[ mail.html] unopened.
6) It was just one more item of junk mail, and he wasn't paying for it.
7) Forty-four percent of the junk mail is never even opened.
8) Often, you have to get unwanted junk mail before you can block it-an unhappy chore at best.
9) It sorted itself naturally into three piles: junk mail(, bills and Ya-Ya letters of condolence.
10) Shuffled the Bill under a pile of junk mail.
11) Nowadays people get a lot of junk mail.
12) Generally, the inbox can always receive junk mail.
13) Junk mail fills your mailbox and makes it messy.
14) Block messages from Junk Mail and Adult content senders.
15) New! Protect your Inbox from Junk Mail!
16) Do you believe they're still sending junk mail to my boy?
17) They frown on people spamming strangers with junk mail, but they cannot do anything to prevent it.
18) Thus, junk mail is blocked and you receive only messages from trusted sources.
19) The IT department installed a filter to block junk mail.
20) Jill: Are you still receiving all that junk mail in your mailbox?
21) Don't believe that junk mail you get about you winning a prize draw - It's just a scam.
22) Many of us find that even if we bin our junk mail, it continues to arrive.
23) Mind you, I do have a relative who has one tried and tested way of getting rid of his junk mail.
24) He scrawled them on pieces of newspaper, scraps of the Congressional Record, or junk mail that he picked up.
25) If we create coupon books, how do we get them to the on-line customer without flooding the network with junk mail.
26) It almost went out with the rest of the junk mail.
27) And postmen are now being forced to walk faster and deliver back-breaking quantities of junk mail.
28) Do Line 6 emails keep getting stranded in your Junk Mail folder?
29) He wants someday to be able to rifle through mail as quickly as his wife and "round file" the piles of junk mail that comes across his desk.
30) I read everything that comes in mail, even the junk mail.
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